Histamine Intolerance whaaaaaaaaaaa???

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I am sharing a superb article about Histamine Intolerance, MTHFR and Methylation by Dr Lynch, so that you can better educate yourself on this condition.


As most of you know I am a veritable library of knowledge and research and I am continually reading and researching. I don’t however have time to get all this knowledge down on blogs and into paper as I prefer to spend the time practically working with you. So I do tend to refer you on, often to articles like this, such that you can read the very best advice that is out there to further your own education and hence empower you along this journey back to health so that you in truth don’t need me for very long!

“my goal is to support you along the way; for as long as it takes for me to guide you back to health and then to assist you in learning the tools to restore and then maintain health…

Not a great business plan for me; and all in your best interest!!”

Allergies such as food allergies and histamine intolerance (and gluten intolerance) can be a nightmare to navigate for patients. I see so many people coming into the office after years of searching, having incurred mega financial expenditure, and attended numerous health professionals all offering conflicting advice and differing diagnoses.

By now most clients are at the end of their tether; struggling to follow highly restrictive diets, are taking multiple supplements to offset the deficiencies resulting from these restrictive diets, and are no healthier (in fact most are worse now than when they started). This is not a happy place to be and I completely understand how most clients are terribly unhappy, overwhelmed and frustrated.

All in all one BIG MESS that I must untangle. This is where I would rather use my brain power and time to pull all the pieces of your health puzzle apart and then lay out a strategy for you to focus on for healing.

What do I suggest?

In relation to food intolerances and issues such as food related symptoms, IBS, chronic inflammatory bowel conditions, and allergy type symptoms I believe that most ‘problems’ go back to the gut.

Often the upstream problems are gluten related ‘damage’; parasitic, yeast or microbial dysbiosis (food and water-borne infection; antibiotic exposure, chemical and medication exposure etc.); compromised digestive function; inflamed, hyper-permeable or damaged gastrointestinal wall; suboptimal functioning of the support organs such as the liver and gallbladder; excessive stress resulting in sympathetic dominance and neuro-endocrine imbalances are a small example of how things can go wrong! And this is only in relation to the gastrointestinal system; remember that we are a complex organism where everything is linked!

So once I have had a look at all areas of your health in more detail we usually will look to more comprehensively assess the gut. Most healing protocols will prioritise the healing of the gastrointestinal system because if you can get the gut to a healthy place then most health issues resolve and almost all food issues resolve; and when there are remaining issues we then address these.


In a nutshell we investigate the function of the gut, the integrity of the gut and function of accessory organs, and we assess the balance of the gut microbiota. Then depending on what we find (i.e. the results of tests) we will address the imbalances, restore optimal function, heal inflammation, support accessory organ function, and resolve any microbial and parasitic imbalances.

If you are suffering with any health issues that you suspect may be related to the health of the gut then please contact me and we can assess your current health and decide together on functional medicine tests should these be necessary and then put a diet and healing plan in place to restore full health and resolve any food related intolerances.

Love Andrea

PS in the meantime read on here for some super insights into Histamine Intolerance, MTHFR and Methylation by Dr. Lynch

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  1. Hi there what do you recommend for histamine intolerance? I’m waiting an oat and food intolerance test and avoiding them for the mean time but my diet is so limited. Is there something I can take to break it down more?

    1. Hello, there are two strategies for dealing with histamine intolerance. 1. limit histamine in the diet from foods and supplements and there are a variety of online resources about this. 2. take a supplement that breaks down the histamine such as: http://www.allergyresearchgroup.com/dao-histaminase-with-bioflavonoids-60-capsules

      However I believe in exploring further back than this as food intolerances are for a reason and more often than not are a downward spiral into more and more problems; some not even related to the gut such as depression and joint pain or migraines. consider exploring the following: (or if you would like to book a Skype consultation please email me on andreacullenhealthsolutions@gmail.com as it can be overwhelming to explore all this alone)
      1. Digestion function (ie HCL and enzyme secretion; food breakdown and absorption function)
      2. Dysbiosis; possible infection with parasites or unwanted microbes/ yeasts that can act as a trigger to problems. Tests are available to examine this. I see this I would guess 75% of the time as a culprit if not more in chronic gastro problems.
      3. gastrointestinal inflammation (consequence of other triggers)
      4. low levels of beneficial probiotic bacteria
      5. low levels of protective secretory IgA
      6. gluten intolerance
      7. Emotional stress
      8. high exercise levels and especially endurance training.
      9. poor diet; loaded with chemical additives, pesticides, endocrine disrupters etc. these all wreak havoc on health and many also directly impact gastrointestinal system

      probably more but I tend to see the issues case by case so it is hard to remember everything!! medications can often be a trigger to gastrointestinal problems also; PPIs are a major one involved in food allergies.

      Usually the problems include many of the above and it is important to identify all factors, treat and heal while making changes to the diet. a restrictive diet is not the solution nor is it conducive to quality of life. Life is meant to be lived in full health and vitality.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Thank you that is really helpful! I will mention everything to my nutritionist. We’re just waiting on results so we haven’t started exploring much. You may not know but What would be a problem found in supplements? I’m taking a sublingual b complex omegas, and vitamin d

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