Connecting to your baby….

Connecting to your baby….

In addition to the world of science and food, medicine and the complementary, emotions-mind-body, illness, and high performance (yep that is already enough to confuse most people) I also work in the realm of spirit.

I wouldn’t want to try to explain how to you because some things are best left as magical (nor could I in a million years put the right words on this to describe it only that everything is energy and vibration and I often feel this), but I have a skill to connect to spirit babies and babies in the womb.

Babies talk, and I listen and they usually have a lot to say, or show as often is the case. More often than not what I receive is nuggets of love, or pieces of information guiding you in the here and now. Words of comfort, or specific guidance. It rarely comes as a lot; because this often means having to do a lot at a time when your energy may not be 100% and your mind needs respite. More often than not it is just simple guidance for your next steps along with words of wisdom and sometimes a nice insight into babies humour and temperament.

Although babies will often have an energy of being a boy or girl I would never hedge all my bets on what sex they are as energy can have a feel of feminine or male in that moment and in their chosen means of communicating with me. It is fascinating!

I love this work! It is pure love.

From what I have read I carry an ability to do the work of many women that have come before me in various cultures and communities. In years gone by this work was considered a normal part of the society. I hope that we can restore this “listening and supporting” work to a place of importance once more.

To feel confident and connected means more than anything….

This is a magical journey if you wished to connect more to pregnancy, desired pregnancy, miscarriage or the baby souls that came to be with you in other realms and not in physical – the path for us as their mothers often ends in ways that can be hard to understand yet the journey is often perfect as we and they planned. To hear more clearly can provide great comfort and support.

Often these heart connections that I feel and see create more profound healing than anything I have seen in terms of medical technology or from books. It is a journey of love and trust. And something that you can start to connect into once shown.

Our world is overwhelming enough; there are a gazillion experts out there with an opinion on what you must and should do. What if there were only a few simply things in each moment that was all the guidance you needed? Wouldn’t this help you breathe and relax and feel more confident.

If I can help it would be my pleasure.


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