Stunning cycle around foot of Keeper Hill, North Tipperary
Lackagh road

Stunning cycle around foot of Keeper Hill, North Tipperary


By  Andrea Cullen

27th June 2014

I have a summer rule that I abide to; if the sun shines I get outdoors. Work can always wait and I will work hard into the evening instead to make up the time. Sun is a precious commodity here in Ireland and if the golden rays shine then count me in.

I live close by Keeper Hill in County Tipperary and I have spent almost 40 years playing in her playground. I have run, walked, biked, horse ridden, and driven every corner around her and journeyed often to her summit.

Did you know that you can see 9 counties from her summit? On a sunny day the views are a sight to captivate the soul.



Love only sees perfection……..


“You are beautiful and you are perfect”.

If you asked your soul, this is what she would say; that you are beautiful and perfect.

Remove the filter of society’s belief system – the external loudspeaker telling you that you are too fat, too skinny or too something-or-other; and that you must conform, control and manipulate your body and your food. For too long you have made this YOUR voice. A voice that punishes you for indulging, controls what you eat, when you eat, how you eat and that beats you up for not beating yourself physically up…. and when your own voice weakens what do you do? You pay someone to tell you all these things in the form of a therapist or trainer to shout at you even more; or you buy a book or magazine or a product that reminds you that you are so far from perfect.


Your inner being KNOWS you are already perfect; and sees your beauty – open your eyes and see from soul. Your physical body knows her needs – nourish intuitively, eat when you are hungry, move for joy, exercise for play and feed your emotions with awareness, love, allowing and creativity.

Begin a voyage of self-trust – and let THIS be how the next generation learn self-love.

It is only with self-love, acceptance and self-trust that you can truly then become at peace with food. And with this peace and trust comes an intuition for what foods you need and when. With this self-love comes a knowing of what it is that you crave and what level of rest or activity your body requires. With this love comes an awareness and connection to what real nourishment means and how natural foods satisfy… and only then… can your appetite be satisfied…

Trust in your body…. she is utterly amazing… and will tell you her needs…

So in truth…. becoming healthy and eating well… starts with loving the self, and how you speak to yourself.

So how do we love our bodies? I asked myself this question this morning.

Deep within you DO love your body and appreciate its perfection. You do NOT have body issues until you are reminded (aware) of everyone else’s and media body issues and comparisons and then you question how you conform, how much more you should control your body and so you start on another rampage of dieting, restricting, exercising, comparing… and comparing and comparing.

There is a peacefulness within that comes with trusting in yourself and there is a part of you deep within that already sees who you are…. trust in this… and embrace her needs… and then… all things will fall into place with how you treat and nourish your body. When you quit restricting only then will food satisfy, when you drop the rules then there will be no more battles…when you stop fighting yourself only then will your body stop fighting back…I guess in a sense your body is like a toddler…. so love it like one!


With love




Healing how we feel……..


Depression, Suicide and Healing

By Andrea Cullen, May 6th 2014

This morning spirit nudged me to write about depression. Honestly I wanted to argue with this but I know there is no point as the words will stream right through me incessantly until I get a pen to paper. So I nestled myself into several too many coffee’s in Country Choice Coffee Shop in Nenagh and honoured the stream of words that came to me. Depression is a topic that I barely feel sufficiently qualified to write about yet one that I feel overwhelmingly passionate about healing. Every cell in my body wants to take away your pain; because I feel it.



Perceptions and Choices……..


By Andrea Cullen, May 3rd, 2014

My heart hurts today with an empty feeling and my head wants to take this story of why and spin it upside down, inside out, and into such a powerful vortex that it consumes swallows me right up….

Sound familiar?


I have a choice

Our generation is at a cross roads splitting off into vastly different directions and where the roads lead to results in vastly different feelings, emotions and outcomes.


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