Watch this Space….

Watch this Space….

thank you

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to everyone that has been reading my posts, following my blog and being very patient with my current situation (of no fixed abode!!).

Time out…

Back in early January I headed to the USA for 3 months looking at an opportunity there; what played out was not as I expected (I guess I didn’t have expectations making the journey all the richer in what I truly gained) but the opportunity did provide a steep learning curve in strength, self-belief, self-trust in the face of being told the contrary and also connected me to some amazing people working in healthcare that I consider close friends now.

Learning in life’s playground…

I have been on an amazing learning curve since then discovering what health truly means, how illness really happens, and how best to support people coming to me in their own healing journey. Let me say this another way…..


I have learnt that the old system of health and even functional medicine has its limitations; notably this being an obsessive focus on problems, and the excessive use of tests that in truth only capture a brief millisecond in time, and this is coupled with a complete overuse of medication and supplements based on this outdated paradigm. Furthermore this way of healing takes too long and frankly in these times is too expensive for most to sustain..



In recent months I have been doing a lot of exploring, reading, and free-mind thinking (i.e. making up my own mind based on a lot of experience and a strong background in medicine, health, and holistic healing) and learning new techniques to help those ready to feel well do so far more quickly. I don’t have all the answers; because how can I when every patient is unique.

ON the healing path it takes a raw honesty in the person themselves about all the factors in their environment and in patterns of thinking and place of focus and its role in a persons’ Dis-ease. It takes trust in me to open up; and I honour this from my heart. It also takes me being courageous too to thread where many therapists skirt around. But who am I kidding if we avoid the true issues at heart! it is like trying to polish a nutshell when the problem is inside the nut itself…. we need a nutcracker!

It usually takes a huge amount of courage to be really honest with yourself about your life, lifestyle, and behaviours and to take leaps of faith to make changes… because if you feel unwell, or are unhappy in your body or life well it sucks being there AND IN TRUTH THE SYMPTOMS REALLY ARE ONLY A WARNING LIGHT TELLING YOU TO LISTEN AND MAKE CHANGES. Changes as small as quitting sugar, to ceasing with the negative self-talk to as massive as changing your job.


For many people making change feels terrifyingly challenging so this is often when we get stuck and dig the heels into a place that although is uncomfortable feels safe. Also all the factors causing ill-health combine together in such a tangled spider web that for the untrained person it can feel completely overwhelming to pull apart all the underlying causes or to even know where to start.

And I will also say this; many of you actually do know deep down what your triggers are; so the healing journey is often very beautiful for you as you re-learn belief in your own intuition and what feels right for you in your healing journey. It is up to my ego to respect this 🙂

Imagine if life felt so much better?

I am not speaking out of my ass…

I suffered with chronic fatigue back in 2008 to the point of being investigated for leukaemia and trust me it SUCKED…. and in the face of having to get a lumbar puncture I had to swallow some real harsh facts about my role in getting to where I was (hmm interesting as I had so many gastro problems going on also), in addition to all the other environmental factors creating problems (lots) and the element of victim within (yep…. we all pull the victim card when we are ill). I had to make some BIG life changes.

Like B I G and scary but for me there was no option and also no one was going to do it for me as I was the expert in chronic fatigue and there is no expert in the LIFE OF ANDREA either is there?!

Life is too precious to remain stuck for any longer than is needed to get the message!! And i sure as hell wasn’t letting the control freaks in my life that wanted to keep me so small i could barely move with the fatigue control me any longer and I certainly wasn’t staying stuck in my own self made prison or lack of self belief and strength….. the choice was I stayed in my own prison allowing things to be as I unintentionally created OR I learnt how to heal and fly. It taught me a lot I am very grateful for the experience. Everything was of my making; there is no blame in healing.

I want to help you along this journey of healing towards wellbeing; because sustainable wellbeing truly is the end goal…. feeling healthy, vibrant, happy and joyful, and experiencing life to the full with no regrets; this is what true health means.

And if you are an athlete; well it also may mean a long successful career; injury free and loving every moment of it along the way.

Feeding the Chickadees (blue tits)

A new clinic like never before

So in addition to my working on your health and healing we will get to work on educating you and your family about good food and where to find it without costing an arm and a leg; healthy cooking techniques, appropriate and balanced and most of all FUN exercise (i know some AMAZING trainers that get the bigger picture… thank goodness!), as well as us working on some of the bigger life pictures because I know now that this sort of stuff just comes naturally to me. I must now pay heed to people when they say that “I know just what to say to help someone” because I do; and this is because I LISTEN to ALL of you, as in I listen to your words, your body and I put the pieces together connecting this with all your symptoms to create a far bigger picture and mostly I do this because I care.

So hang in there I still don’t have my new clinic venue YET but it is on the way, and I know exactly where it will be and what services we will provide and what it will look like and trust me it will be awesome and it will cater to far more of your needs than before or anywhere for that matter ;-).

I am even exploring getting some local B&Bs on board, healthy food suppliers, the local bike store for bike hire and some route maps so that you can come and have a whole experience whatever way you want… so that when you leave you will feel awesome and have a bit more clarity in the bigger picture of your life….

And because there will be less need for the supplements and the old paradigm ways of healing you will be getting far more from your investment into time with me. We may still need to use some diagnostics and a few supplements but far less than before and for less duration than before. That is if you continue to value your health by feeding and hydrating your body well, and taking CARE of yourself and not going back to OLD ways and old THINKING that got you ill in the first place!!

Please don’t confuse this new approach with that of throwing my scientific, medical, nutritional, and healing knowledge to the wind. When you work with me I will have my brains in full science and healing gear. However I will be asking you to leave any illness and disease focus at the front door to focus on positive strategies and steps forward and this is crucial for your return to health. Out with the old thinking and a welcoming in of the new…. focusing on the now and future.

When you consider that the body follows the instructions of thoughts, your environment and your beliefs and then coordinates a fascinating sequence of events through the DNA to make the body and all its parts from food building blocks you can see that it is possible to create a new healthy body… this phenomenon truly AMAZES ME! So why get stuck in focusing on the past and ill-health when it is all about today and the enjoyment of tomorrow?

So no; I wont entertain constant revisits to symptoms and illness…. when my job is to remove this burden from you and yours is to get stuck into the fun of food, movement, joy and living!

We will even have a nice snug for you to curl up with a book, or we can explore cooking in the demo kitchen, take a healing juice shot before a relax in the FIR sauna, or you can rest up and have a healing experience in some cool new treatment rooms or out in the garden;  we will also have recovery strategies for athletes based on Russian energy technology (watch this space!!)…. who said that a visit to me is about a nagging food lecture…. not one bit… I want you to start tuning back in to who you are, how it feels to feel energetic and to start to trust in that amazing body of yours once more…..

Are you in?


I am aiming for opening in the autumn so please please focus some positive thoughts for me so we can get up and running sooner rather than later. In the meantime I am still consulting; just not from a clinic….

I am so excited; when I first returned home from the USA I wanted to get the hell back out as soon as possible as the energy here was so heavy and negative… but … the longer I stayed here the more aware I became of how special a people and how sacred a place this little island is; even look at how much better we are at supporting local and sustainable produce and how the fight is on for a fluoride free nation; that speaks a thousand fold about our improved self-worth as a nation.

I want for each of you to feel this too… part of something special…

Love you all 🙂 and heartfelt thanks.

Andrea x

Adding the nettle leaves to soup
Looking forward to getting back in the kitchen!


“We struggle, we hit rock bottom, if we are lucky we learn… and if we are brave we can heal others by example.” Andrea

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