Things I Learnt this Week…..

Things I Learnt this Week…..

Hello everyone,

This has been another busy week, leaving very little time for writing so I am sharing some highlights and lowlights and well, issues that are worth placing some attention on.

Firstly Fukushima


I am both heartbroken and terrified as the extent of the damage to our planet and survival posed by Fukushima, unravels into my reality. It would seem that we have pushed and shoved mother earth to the point of almost no return. What can we do? Own it, be responsible for it, pray for it? There are only a few solutions available to our own personal control and I see these as shopping responsibly, and supporting the movement of sustainable local and organic food producers. Dr Mercola has some helpful information and tips here

Please follow this link:

Everyone must watch this clip as it is about the place where you live; EARTH

And then on to love; or more specifically SELF LOVE. This has come up for a few of my clients this week; the most powerful step to self-healing after forgiving others, is to release the story of our past and forgive ourselves.

When we start along the healing path it is not always easy to forgive others for how they may have hurt us, however it is a crucial step in healing; to forgive others…. In fact it can be easier to forgive others for all the pain, hurt, words and emotional abuse because a little part of us believed that we were worth what we got. We are all worthwhile people and no one ‘deserves’ emotional or any other form of beating down; nor should you do this to yourself. Whatever our story is we must forgive ourselves also and this can be harder as it is US that put ourselves in the situation once we are adult enough to make our own decisions. We continued to hurt the inner child…..

“The most important lesson that we may learn in life, is to forgive ourselves. Not only the mistakes of our past, but more importantly for that which we did to our inner child. We must forgive ourselves for the hurts we inflicted on our own self, for the times we did not protect ourselves, for the silly things we did that hurt, the risky careless decisions that endangered, and for permitting the hurtful actions and words of others. Forgiveness of ourselves….. may be the biggest challenge that you wish to keep running from…. and when you do forgive, the most loving, amazing, and releasing thing you can ever do for yourself….”

your past is a story

move on


And so to ranting:
I had a few rants come over me on Facebook this week when the reality of “industry” and corruption hit me.( This was following on from some discussions on a well-known sports nutrition group forum as the full truth of how influenced science, studies, leaders in the field, products and advice is by corporations and money and I felt cross. I feel I have a duty to protect my clients and patients based on how blessed I am to have had such a strong education in this area…. and as some home truths hit me I shared….

I asked my Facebook followers the following question: Can anyone find the common word between food, medical, health supplement, sports nutrition and diet?


The answer is I N D U S T R Y

Firstly we have the food industry; this processes and packages food to create a final product that is depleted in nourishment, sometimes is disease-causing, and most certainly is not life-sustaining.

Processed food

We eat this food hoping that it will sustain us; we look ok from the outside but internally we are lacking in all the essential nutrients to allow the body to work optimally. So add this to the stress of life and we get sick, eventually. But when we have heart disease or arthritis for example, or are feeling fatigued and have migraines, they do not tell us that we are also malnourished… ‘cos heck, most of us are overweight so how could we possibly be malnourished! This then brings us to the door of some other industries; be it the medical or health supplement industry.

Roll in the drugs to treat the conditions created as a result of poor diet, lifestyle and stress.

If we ate well and our food was wholesome and nourishing (and natural) there would be less need for this approach.

Then we have the diet industry, which also is in bed with the media and magazine industry, and they pump out fad diets which are also deficient; and celebrities who mostly unawares walk around as advertisement.


Us the common person hates our bodies because we can never quite be perfect enough (as the air-brushed tummy tucked counterparts) so we have to beat ourselves up and buy diets and supplements and weight loss pills that look official and like they must work (but don’t) to achieve this.


And also some cellulite cream… … so effectively once the food and medical industry has messed us up, we pour money back into the health and dieting industry…. it is all corrupt.

You have to ask yourself at every step of your journey to finding what is right: what is the intent behind this?

Stack of $100 bills

Is the intent GOOD, for the BETTER, to HELP and HEAL people or is it mostly money driven?

Take the health supplement and sports supplement industry; every day there is a new supplement in the media or stores – watermelon for example and beet are recent ones. If test subjects in trials ate diets that were sufficient in antioxidants and the foods providing key substances such as these, then there would be less of a significant effect in the study outcome. Because the test subjects would be healthy in the first place and not consuming standard deficient modern-day diets. You have to remember nearly every test subject in a clinical study is not optimally nourished; se we tend to see an augmented exaggerated effect than we would should that subject be optimally nourished.

So yes even the health food sector is an industry and some supplements are good and helpful and well formulated and at times necessary. But there are also supplements are not well formulated, are compounded using inferior quality ingredients and poor manufacturing ethics and are not necessary. (I make sure that the products I recommend are well formulated, as best I can). Then there are parts of the health food industry that are not honourable; take SOYA and PROCESSED GLUTEN FREE FOODS as an example…. not healthy 🙁

I am increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that I must oftentimes recommend supplements to patients. This is however, because by the time most patients get to my door they are so ill that diet alone is insufficiently powerful alone to heal. I focus on using supplements only for the shortest time necessary while empowering patients with the tools to nourish and heal themselves with diet, herbs from the earth, lifestyle improvements, returning to doing what they love and adding creativity and fun to their day, and the power of the mind.

So yes I guess I am in a sector too and I do need to earn sufficient to pay everyone in this country for all the mistakes of government and to survive; but I feel driven to be increasingly vocal on your behalf about health.

This may sound corny but every patient matters hugely to me. I just want to see healthy and happy clients and will do all it takes …and this lately has been ruffling some feathers. I don’t care how many feathers I have to ruffle in the health and medical industry so long as the truth reaches my patients and that they are taken proper care of.

So yes; you could say the above is a bit of a rant; but I guess it does hit home how passionate I am about my job and my clients.

id fight for you

And finally some words that hit me as I was out walking last week; please absorb and enjoy:


” World you are an amazing place.
I see your beauty. I feel your energy.
I absorb your light, sounds and colours
and I am truly grateful you share the belly of your fruitful womb with me.
Thank you.
I promise that I will pay it forward.
As you share with me, I will share in abundance.
As you reveal to me I will learn the craft of healing with love, light and gratitude.
As you surround me with love and light I will surround others.
As nature and animals love and trust me unconditionally,
so shall I “




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