The strength of a woman

The strength of a woman

For the strong ladies; believe in yourselves.

I rediscovered this blog and video that I made in 2016 today (23.4.2021) and felt like i should reblog and share it
Some of my thoughts may have changed (perhaps that we must be quiet; my throat chakra doesn’t think so recently!) and I also think that we are all still in the process of getting strong in our skins and being. Perhaps the nurturing and kindling of our inner strength is more important than ever in our ever changing pandemic world. 
“The new and emerging you may sometimes feel a little challenged by everybody around you not getting you, YET. So at times you will feel these bubbles of frustration and a sense of ‘let me out this is me and I want to be here and present right now’ and it can almost bubble up as anger and that is because that feeling within you is your fire, it’s your passion, it’s your energy.
Harness it.
Allow it to propel you forward on the path without wasting your energy on feeling like you have to prove to everybody what you are.
Just go and be, and ‘be’ gently and peacefully and quietly but also purposefully and with strength. So harness that inner fire and cherish and honour and validate and believe in yourself.”
Lets keep inspiring one another.
Lots of love and gratitude,

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