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Carbohydrates and Insulin: Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Carbohydrates and Insulin

Carbohydrates have gotten a “bad rap” because they elicit an insulin response. And as everyone knows, insulin causes us to become fat (or does it?). In fact, the carbohydrate/insulin hypothesis has been blamed as the major cause of the obesity epidemic. Unfortunately, when we look closer at the science this idea doesn’t quite hold up

Does Insulin Increase Body Fatness?

Common reading literature such as Good Calories, Bad Calories* have put the hormonal regulation of body fat into limelight. In books such as GCBC, insulin is painted as the primary cause of common obesity. While it is true that hormones play a critical part in the regulation of body-fat, it is naïve and myopic to single out insulin as the sole contributor. Our endocrine system is extremely robust with almost countless signaling molecules. While insulin plays a critical part in substrate partitioning and metabolism (including the fate of fat and carbohydrates), it plays only one part in the signaling cascade.  To ferret out whether insulin is in fact the main regulator in body fatness and if increased insulin levels due to carbohydrates cause obesity we need to look at the literature.

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