Iron-rich gluten free Ethiopian Injera

Iron-rich gluten free Ethiopian Injera

So today saw me doing a lot of research on iron levels in athletes; and promoted by a mention of a traditional way of consuming the iron-rich Ethiopian grain Teff, I found this recipe.

I haven’t yet baked this flat bread but will be as it looks lovely and will add well to meals calling for the inclusion of a low glycaemic index and healthy carbohydrate.

Low haemoglobin and ferritin levels can pose many problems for health and performance in the strength and especially endurance athlete. As a matter of routine we monitor the blood work of athletes in the clinic every 6 months at least. Low levels are investigated and remedied. High levels and higher levels than expected are investigated also given the high prevalence of haemochromatosis in Irish and European people.

It is not normal to have persistently low, or high ferritin or haemoglobin levels and so the cause must be determined for a permanent resolution. This is pretty straight forwards once you know what you are looking for. I have been monitoring the blood test results of athletes for more than 15 years because the medical system often fails to notice important clues and patterns in results which then taken in context give us valuable information about health, diet and lifestyle factors that may need addressing.

Never take iron or supplements containing iron just in case; always check your iron, red cell differential, ferritin and B12 levels first and have them assessed by an expert who is working with athletes.

Enjoy this recipe,

Love, Andrea

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