Dinner in a hurry…

Dinner in a hurry…

Roasted vegetables and baked fish; fast dinner for a day after work.

Hi folks, I am taking to the video blogs for more ease and hopefully for more ease of viewing for you.

Here is a short video showing what I threw together for our dinner last Friday; hopefully convincing you that it is easy to make a fast tasty meal after a long day at work…. in this case suitable for an ironman in heavy training.


PS what fast meals do you prepare in a hurry?

Other ideas are omelettes and quinoa; pan-fried onions, garlic, mushrooms and spinach with grilled or baked chicken, shredded vegetable salad served with meat or fish, stir-fry on rice or quinoa, poached eggs on buckwheat and steamed vegetables, etc.

For more meal ideas please click into the healing and nourishing foods link

i love food

PS How packaging influences olive oil quality

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