Mind your ankles – how to heal an ankle injury

So I stuck my foot in a pothole and fell straight forwards and the ankle took a bit of a beating as well as some superficial roasties. The ligaments were definitely stretched more than is normal and some bone bruising is likely. It’s hard to know exactly how you fall as it happens so fast but I ended up extended straight out on the road.

This was one of my final training runs in taper week before Ironman 70.3 South Africa. Talk about sucky timing. Its been a difficult decision, I will not race this weekend.

Skip further down if you want more practical advice regarding training; and yes I recommend that you seek professional advice!


I have heard much advice and sympathy these past days. But professionally I am having to suck it up and do as I would advise. Get it diagnosed (I may have to wait until I get home to Ireland), manage the symptoms and start to rehab it so that it returns to full strength, flexibility and mobility. It is not smart to run on stretched, torn, or inflamed and painful ligaments and soft tissue. I will also see an osteopath to make sure that the stretching that happened when I fell hasn’t pulled anything out-of-place which it feels like.


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