Feeling Summer Blues?

If you are finding the less than sunny summer a challenge try considering the following to rise your spirits, nurture your soul and ground you with energy: 1.  No matter what…

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Why doubt your wondrousness….

shine your light

Last night, December 22nd 2014, we went to a beautiful Christmas Carol service in Abington Church, Murroe (County Limerick). Mum, Dad, myself and my love all bundled into the car after a long day; it was one of those evenings when it would have been easier to stay at home.

Abington church

The service was an ecumenical service and the little picturesque church at Abington was packed to the rafters with locals from all denominations including representatives of the Catholic church, the Protestant church, and Abbot Mark Patrick Hederman and Father Anthony from Glenstal Abbey.

There were readings, prayers, a collection for the St Vincent de Paul Society and carols. There were lots of carols and LOTS OF SINGING. The roof was almost sang off with hearty lung-filled performances and the organist Koki was close to heart failure more than once as she attempted to contain the competitive fractions vying for hymn speed. I had the biggest smile on my face; I wonder was God laughing too. There was Christmas spirit in the air in abundance and it was beautiful.  Just the singing alone was enough to shift the weight of worries from every shoulder.


We all headed back to “the big house” as tradition would have it for too much mulled wine, far too many biscuits (cakes, pies, and tarts) and colourful chat and entertaining stories. There was enough Christmas love for it to not matter that one car never survived the parking in the mucky field.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about India from Father Anthony; he seemed more Indiana Jones than Monk if you ask me and confessed to wanting to be Hindu. He had me sold on India; one more mark on my world map of travel destinations.

There was no religious separation tonight;
just people and stories and
The rekindling of old and forging of new connections.
Just how it should be!



10 Things I Wish Every Woman Knew About Health


Here is an article that I stumbled on today that is worth re-blogging.

Please note that apart from the following short intro this is not my writing and is taken from http://www.mindbodygreen.com

If I was to add any words to this to all women it would be:
To love yourself,
To step into your divine feminine strength and power while being graceful and gentle,
To follow your heart,
To listen to your fabulous female intuition,
To never doubt (for too long!),
To allow your partner to be equally strong and vulnerable,
To nurture your creativity,
To give everything a shot,
To love your body and allow it to be where it feels best,
To quit reading magazines about body, weight, and fashion they ALL are marketing something based on finding your weak spots,
To celebrate one another’s strengths
Quit gossiping and finding faults in others,
Don’t compromise all that you are in the workplace – the world needs more women, being women.
Stick to your choices,
Remember that your daughters can read your mind; speak nicely in your thoughts,
Don’t ever diet in the presence of children or teach them that there are bad and good foods,
Be mindful of every word spoken to others and to yourself
and did I say…. Love yourself!!

Love yourself like no other will,
and to let love in…


To read the full article by Dr. Amy Shah please click here http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-15441/10-things-i-wish-every-woman-knew-about-health.html

In summary Dr. Shah writes:



Love only sees perfection……..


“You are beautiful and you are perfect”.

If you asked your soul, this is what she would say; that you are beautiful and perfect.

Remove the filter of society’s belief system – the external loudspeaker telling you that you are too fat, too skinny or too something-or-other; and that you must conform, control and manipulate your body and your food. For too long you have made this YOUR voice. A voice that punishes you for indulging, controls what you eat, when you eat, how you eat and that beats you up for not beating yourself physically up…. and when your own voice weakens what do you do? You pay someone to tell you all these things in the form of a therapist or trainer to shout at you even more; or you buy a book or magazine or a product that reminds you that you are so far from perfect.


Your inner being KNOWS you are already perfect; and sees your beauty – open your eyes and see from soul. Your physical body knows her needs – nourish intuitively, eat when you are hungry, move for joy, exercise for play and feed your emotions with awareness, love, allowing and creativity.

Begin a voyage of self-trust – and let THIS be how the next generation learn self-love.

It is only with self-love, acceptance and self-trust that you can truly then become at peace with food. And with this peace and trust comes an intuition for what foods you need and when. With this self-love comes a knowing of what it is that you crave and what level of rest or activity your body requires. With this love comes an awareness and connection to what real nourishment means and how natural foods satisfy… and only then… can your appetite be satisfied…

Trust in your body…. she is utterly amazing… and will tell you her needs…

So in truth…. becoming healthy and eating well… starts with loving the self, and how you speak to yourself.

So how do we love our bodies? I asked myself this question this morning.

Deep within you DO love your body and appreciate its perfection. You do NOT have body issues until you are reminded (aware) of everyone else’s and media body issues and comparisons and then you question how you conform, how much more you should control your body and so you start on another rampage of dieting, restricting, exercising, comparing… and comparing and comparing.

There is a peacefulness within that comes with trusting in yourself and there is a part of you deep within that already sees who you are…. trust in this… and embrace her needs… and then… all things will fall into place with how you treat and nourish your body. When you quit restricting only then will food satisfy, when you drop the rules then there will be no more battles…when you stop fighting yourself only then will your body stop fighting back…I guess in a sense your body is like a toddler…. so love it like one!


With love



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