Are you taking a statin?

Are you taking a statin?

As a trained pharmacist I have a deep understanding that you never just stop a patient on their med’s. However, information is key also.

If you are on a statin it is worth educating yourself on:

  1. the truth about cholesterol and its importance for health
  2. the truth about heart disease and inflammation
  3. natural diet and supplement alternatives
  4. Supplements to take when on a statin medication; correct dosing of statin medications (lower doses are just as effective and far safer should your consultant feel that you must be taking a statin)
  5. the truth about statin side effects and how to prevent or treat them

I can help if you need more advice and support.

Some helpful links:

Dr. Duane Graveline’s blog: Spacedoc

Statin Nation: here 

The cholesterol myths by Dr Uffe Ravenskov: here

My hero Dr Mark Houston: here 

Dr. Sinatra here (bit too much emphasis on selling his supplements; advice is accurate)

This is a snippet worth watching:

If you need advice or support please contact me:

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