What are Xenoestrogens?

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Xenoestrogens are environmental non-organic chemicals that mimic estrogen.  Xenoestrogens can either be byproducts of chemical processes, production of man-made materials, or the breakdown of such materials in the environment.  In some cases, as in pesticides, the xenoestrogen itself is productized.

Xenoestrogens are under a great deal of investigation by scientists and are seen to be responsible for a number of potentially irreversible problems in our environment… and in our own bodies.

The most shocking evidence of the effects of xenoestrogens on human populations is seen in the steep rise in health issues related to estrogen dominance syndrome, especially within western cultures.  The health issues associated with estrogen dominance syndrome affect across the whole population, impacting men, women and children.  Across the board, health concerns are increasing as rates of illness are rising.

  • Breast cancer – women
  • Endometriosis – women
  • Prostate cancer – men
  • Precocious puberty – girls
  • Feminization – boys

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