Potato, Thyme and Turmeric gluten-free bread
Potato, thyme, turmeric bread

Potato, Thyme and Turmeric gluten-free bread

easily sliced

By Andrea Cullen

12th July 2014

A few months ago we did a big shop with Real Foods UK and since then all their flours have been sitting safely packed away WAITING. Today I decided to have a play and get creative with some of the ingredients. The results were Potato, Thyme and Turmeric bread and Carrot and Caraway bread. I didn’t use a recipe so I was pretty astonished at how well they turned out.

Free from:

This bread has no added fats or sugar, is gluten, egg and dairy-free and made from healthier flour choices that are higher in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and protein than your regular flours. Also due to the addition of psyllium husks the bread has a higher fibre content and is has a fluffier consistency by virtue of this addition.


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