Aromatic Thai Sprouted Mung Bean Curry
Baby sprouts

Aromatic Thai Sprouted Mung Bean Curry

So, I am into week 2 of my holidays here in Dungarvan and I am absolutely blissing out on all this me-time. I am sleeping deeply; eating well; walking 8 to 12.5km most evenings while balancing absolute silence in nature with listening to a mosh of Esther Hicks “The Vortex” and music ranging from Coldplay to Tiesto; reading a couple of books (Allowing by Holly Riley, The Druids by Peter Berresford Ellis, A Histry of Ireland in 250 Episodes by Jonathan Bardon and Kryon Letters from Home) and well also doing plain nothing but what I WANT…… just as it should be!

“If doctors prescribed ‘me-time’ there would be a whole lot less illness.

It is in this sacred me-time that we find ourselves, our answers, our path, our BEING and our hearts…. when you connect back into yourself and open yourself to nature and your inner voice you can only feel love… head to toe….”

Regarding The Vortex; I have the audio book and I believe that this work has the power to transform your life; if only this was available to us in school instead of learning the lessons the hard way!

Here are a selection of iphotos from my ramblings… oh and yes; the new Coldplay album Ghost rocks… a bit more mellow than previous works however.

The first collection of photos are from my evening rambles around the bay here; and the second collection from my trip to Ardmore and The Cliff House Hotel….. I have written more about my holidays here last year in this blog

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Here is some more on Waterford County’s tracks, trails and activities

Aromatic Thai Sprouted Mung Bean Curry


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