Sea-weed Red Lentil Dahl
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Sea-weed Red Lentil Dahl


Sea-weed Red Lentil Dahl

By Andrea Cullen

  • Soaking time 24 hours (optional and not essential)
  • Ready in under 30 minutes
  • Servings: 8; less if you are a hungry beast 🙂
  • Will freeze for later

When I cook; I am time spare and I aim to make things as healthy as possible. This invariably means adding in unusual health foods to normal meals to create something that is giving me more nutrient bang per mouthful. Not everyone is as adventurous as me; for example you COULD make a red lentil Dahl as it says on the label or you COULD add seaweed, celery, or other ingredients such as spinach or nettles depending on what you have available to tweak your recipe to something even more nutritious awesome. Go for it!

This is an example of how ANY meal can be amended to include more nutritious foods without making things too complex… even something like mashed potatoes can be improved on by the addition of spinach or herbs…. get inventive; you may surprise yourself!


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