Red Lentil and Beef Tongue Massaman Curry

Finished curry long

Today I wrote a review on Derval O’Rourke’s newly released cookbook titled ‘Food in the Fast Lane’; go buy it!! Here is my review

“Having talent is easy.
Getting out of bed and showing up every day, doing the hard graft, and believing in yourself during the moments of doubt or loneliness
is NOT easy.

I applaud everyone who achieves, no matter how big or small;
Because I see the person behind the success.
And truly that is all any person wishes for:
To be seen.
For every effort to be noted and appreciated.

The medal does not mark the day’s achievement but the culmination of months and often years of training.

I have been honoured to work with many of Ireland’s best athletes and when I say they worked for it; they worked hard for it.
Often unsupported, invisible, but always believing.

This is not a glamour gig; it is a financial, personal, physical, and emotional sacrifice.

This is what we applaud: athlete, professional, amateur or the unnoticed person plodding away.

We make note of every training session, every stretching session; every meal prepared at home and for the road, every physical therapy appointment, every doctor visit, every dreaded morning alarm clock because no one really likes to get out of bed when it is dark and cold outside….
every normal part of life, like the pub, club or social event and even skiing trips and sports that risk a mishap…
that had to be missed…

We see the person, the efforts, the determination, the true grit, the never giving up, the picking oneself up after every fall and doing it again and again and again; the belief in the dream.
Notice the people you love.
See your children for who they are.
Be inspired by your parents and role models.
Everyone holds extraordinary gifts and talents;
And everyone feels vulnerable…”

Andrea xx

Red Lentil and Beef Tongue Massaman Curry


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