Herb Stuffed Lambs Hearts…

stuffed lambs hearts

Leftovers! We ate it all before I remembered to take a photo

So tonight was a completely invented little number after I saw some lambs hearts at the butchers for a steal. We haven’t eaten heart meat in a while and it is something that I believe should be eaten frequently if you are an athlete (or suffer energy or health problems) given the high amount of CoQ10 and quality of the meat.  The meal worked a treat, and so I am sharing it on. We demolished the meal if the truth be told, and I completely forget to capture the prep in progress; we are a hungry athlete house!

Meal highlights:

Lambs hearts are very nutritious. I have written in-depth about organ meats in another blog which I encourage you to read. In brief the benefits of this meal are:

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“Diets and Weight loss” a manifesto by Brad Dieter of AsgardFit

Hello reader,

Here is an article that is too good to not share; please click the link to a superb review with comprehensive explanation regarding the topic of “Diets and Weight loss”.

Brad gives the low down on many diets trending now and historically and the real science on weight loss and obesity… more relevantly Brad gives his own personal tuppenceworth…. as in he is a scientist that can think for himself. The world needs more of these!



ah ha moment

when she realised that the real problem was believing what the media says about weight loss