Eat heart….

Hi folks,

I have written many times in the past about the benefits and importance of including heart in your menu at least once a month if not once a week.

Here I am talking a little about this and also listed below are some links to more articles here on this blog.


Here are some helpful links and recipes that I have trialled at home:

Frugal eating, Offal, and Paleo Truths
Herb stuffed lambs hearts
Vegetable and Beef heart/ Meat Thai Red Curry
Lambs liver and lambs heart casserole with a spicy twist
Hearty Heart Bolognese

Herb Stuffed Lambs Hearts…

stuffed lambs hearts

Leftovers! We ate it all before I remembered to take a photo

So tonight was a completely invented little number after I saw some lambs hearts at the butchers for a steal. We haven’t eaten heart meat in a while and it is something that I believe should be eaten frequently if you are an athlete (or suffer energy or health problems) given the high amount of CoQ10 and quality of the meat.  The meal worked a treat, and so I am sharing it on. We demolished the meal if the truth be told, and I completely forget to capture the prep in progress; we are a hungry athlete house!

Meal highlights:

Lambs hearts are very nutritious. I have written in-depth about organ meats in another blog which I encourage you to read. In brief the benefits of this meal are:

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