Frugal eating, Offal, and Paleo Truths


Before we head on into offal

organ meats

I wanted to say a few things about food and being frugal for more than just financial reasons but ethical ones also.

Is frugal eating how it always should have been? That is before we lost the run of ourselves in the Big Boom and saw steak on our plates more than once a year or at the posh folks BBQs.

Of late I am truly attempting to walk the talk with food not only nutritionally to be an example of health to my clients but also as a nudge of gratitude to the environment and my wallet. I have been fortunate this summer, in that while I am writing and developing new healing programmes, I have some spare time on my hands to play a little with food more so than usual and really push some boundaries. Time that has allowed me to experiment with new foods, simple and fast cooking methods, and to discover some short cuts to including these new foods into your normal meals for those of you that are busier with commitments and have limited time for cooking.

If we wish to be truly healthy we have to put time aside for play (exercise), nourishment (food) and rest (recovery and creativity) in addition to investing in time exploring what it is that is meaningful for us in life; our path so to speak. So it is true to say that health doesn’t just come by sitting with your ass on a sofa; but neither should it be a chore. We owe it to ourselves to tune start tuning in to what it is that best serves us along our path to wellbeing.


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