Eat (some) carbohydrates if you wish to compete fast and far…

The carbohydrate conundrum? I didn’t realise there was one 🙂

(please see the footnote for an article that came under my nose today a day after writing this).

This is a post inspired from the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) forum that I am compelled to share as it speaks LOUDLY about why the ingestion of carbohydrates is crucial during high-end endurance training and in competition.

Two strategies that I practice with my triathlon and endurance athlete clients is flexible carbohydrate periodization with their training regimen and elevated carbohydrate intake for competition day….

Why? Because for most athletes these strategies work. Period.

case closed 3

The secret is to work with each unique individual taking their metabolism into account as there (seems to be) variance between athletes regarding optimal carbohydrate intake on a daily training basis.

So for athlete X, for example, we may use a moderate carbohydrate intake on most training days. And then switch this around with specific training sessions lower and other sessions  higher in carbohydrate intake (such as very intense and long duration sessions or double training session days).


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