Herb Blitz Hummus dip

I have written about hummus before with a fast easy recipe as posted here for Hummus-tastic Hummus.

Food Flickr also posted a super recipe for a fast healthy hummus this week; this is their Facebook page link https://www.facebook.com/Foodflicker

Don’t let home-cooking scare you!

I am a big Downton Abbey fan!
I am a big Downton Abbey fan!

“Healthy cooking is about taking a recipe and making it better;
It isn’t something that should be exclusive to gourmet chefs….
Just start with what you are familiar with and make it better”.




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Herb Blitz
Herb blitz

Herb Blitz

Herb blitz.3

Recently I invested in a Nutribullet from Argos.


It cost me €129.99 and is far superior to the other less expensive option called the Magic Bullet. Why? Having used both I can say that the Nutribullet has a more powerful motor and hence is better at dealing with more challenging vegetables, nuts and seeds. It pulverizes everything!

If you would like to read more about the Nutribullet follow the link here (https://www.nutribullet.com/); I believe that in Ireland Brown Thomas and Argos supply the Nutribullet; I am unsure about other places. A quick search on Harvey Normal only showed me the Magic bullet.

I had been saving for a super dooper juicer and in the interim decided to trial the bullet and wow oh wow I would rate it as one of the best kitchen gadgets on the must have list and for the moment I will not be investing in a separate juicer?

Why? The Nutribullet thus far has demonstrated the following advantages:


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