Hearty Heart Bolognese


Hearty Bolognese straight out of the oven

Lambs heart in my hands


By Andrea Cullen

August 3rd 2014

I have to admit I was sceptical about eating hearts and now that I have cooked and tasted heart I am converted; it tastes amazing. I mean close to if not better than steak! As heart is lean it does well slow cooked, marinated, or in dishes such as casseroles, chilies, and curries.

This recipe is a result of an e-book that I have written for clients all about frugal eating, organ meats and offal, and come with a good dose of education as I will always do! Email me on andreacullenhealthsolutions@gmail.com if you would like a copy.


This is a very flexible recipe and I have added some options that you may like to try using additional ingredients; this leads to deviation from the more traditional Bolognese but does add further nutritional clout from added vegetables or beans.

If you prefer you can choose not to braise/ brown the meat and just chuck the other ingredients all together in layers in a casserole dish to cut back on unnecessary oils. Browning the meat and onions etc. will however add greater depth of flavour.

This dish will work very well in a slow cooker also known as a crock pot.


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