Home-made sweet potato & spinach soup


By Andrea Cullen

March 13th 2014

This sweet potato and spinach soup is lovely; which is a good thing as many people and kiddies and husbands and partners have an issue with a green coloured soup approaching it with a large degree of scepticism. Trust me it is worth a shot and if you like; adding a nice dollop of crème fraiche or creamy coconut milk mellows it down and adds a splurge of indulgence.

It is important to get in your greens; your Granny wasn’t just saying it for the heck of it. Green leafy vegetables contain lots of magnesium, vitamin K, plant based antioxidants such as beta-carotene and lutein, potassium, iron, calcium, vitamin C and small amounts of omega 3 fats to name but a few.

In a nutshell we should be eating leafy greens of some description every day.

I adopted this recipe from the ‘Cornucopia at Home; The Cookbook’; this is a wonderful book containing a collection of recipes from Dublin’s Cornucopia Restaurant.


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