Carrot and Caraway Gluten-free bread

Freshly sliced

By Andrea Cullen

13th July 2014

I created this bread at the same time that I created the delicious Potato, Thyme and Turmeric bread; and wowzers this one is even better. Yum!

Caraway seeds have a delicious flavour that is definitely different. It is often that intriguing flavour that you notice in traditional eastern European rye bread. It has been years since I have enjoyed rye bread I am sad to say as I had to go gluten-free for serious health reasons back in 2008. If you suspect that you have a gluten-related problem then I recommend that you seek expert advice (this is a speciality area of mine so I am delighted to help you; I have written an e-book that can be found here).

Caraway seeds have many health benefits however in the quantities used here in this recipe their main function is flavour but they may ease the digestive tract somewhat. Every little bit of goodness in cooking helps through what herbalists and nutritionists describe as synergism. This mean that the sum total action of the ingredients is greater than that of those alone. So what better way to add health benefits to your day than via your food; exactly how mother nature intended 🙂

Like the Potato, Thyme and Turmeric bread, this bread has no added fats or sugar, is gluten, egg, and dairy-free and made from healthier flour choices that are higher in healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and protein than your regular flours. Also due to the addition of psyllium husks the bread has a higher fibre content and is has a fluffier consistency by virtue of this addition.


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Yummy seeded gluten-free bread
Fresh gluten free seed bread

Yummy seeded gluten-free bread

By Andrea Cullen

17th June 2014

Wow oh wow I hit the jackpot with this invention! I will do my best to recall the recipe for you as I was cooking for a stress break which means I was getting creative paying no heed to the volumes used and pretty much having a dance off with myself and some tunes as I was baking. Yea… laugh all you like; it works!

This bread has no added fats or sugar, contains an abundance of healthy and natural fats, minerals, and fibre and most importantly it tastes great! I mean really great; I cannot stop eating it. So far toppings have included almond nut butter and smoked salmon with mango chutney so it works with a savoury as well as a sweet twist.


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