Healing Herb Pesto for Detoxification

Healing Herb Pesto for Detoxification


This is my tweak on the traditional pesto and my own pesto recipe to create a ‘pesto’ that adds in healing and detoxification supporting ingredients to your usual diet. Tweaking ‘normal’ foods like this to sneak in even more healthy ingredients is a superb way to add to your diet in a consistent and sustainable way.

I am not a fan of the “all-or-nothing” approach as for many when they slip off the healthy eating phase, they fall and then stay fallen! And when you ‘fall’ you feel bad; and this is not what life is about. Eating healthy should be a decision that is made that makes you feel good and feels good to do so. You, me, or any health professional should not approach health in an overly strict or punishing way. This simply leads to self-esteem issues and is a poor example for our children and peers.

So taking what you like and making it better; is definitely a strategy that will be achievable and far less overwhelming. Agreed there will be some changes that may take adjusting to; and these will be worth it. Chose to focus on where you are going and how you will feel. This is very important.


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