Fruity-veggie athlete bread (gluten-free)

Fruity-veggie athlete bread 10

Fruity-veggie athlete bread (gluten-free)

This loaf is similar to the Athlete fruit bread but jam packs in some more goodness in the form of vegetables, fruit and nutrition rich grain alternatives. Who would have thought you can sneak in all this goodness into a slice of bread!!


Amaranth is a super little seed that is high in protein, minerals and fibre and works like a grain in the diet. It can be prepared as a grain (similar to quinoa), popped like popcorn, or used as the whole seed or flour in baking or as a porridge option for breakfast.

Here is more to keep you entertained from an article in the Huffington post about amaranth and some helpful nutrition data here:

Ingredients for fruit-veggie athlete bread:


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