Protein Energy Fuel Balls & Bars


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How to make healthy home-made portable protein snacks….

I love making home-made protein balls and energy bars. They are handy, portable, quick and easy to make; they store well in the fridge and are easy to carry to work and training.

They are so simple to make that your children and teens can make them to bring to school and college for snacking on. And they are an indispensable part of the busy, training and travelling athletes food artillery. There is no better and more economical everyday training snack than these little babies for on the road sports like cycling and adventure racing.


Athletes are made in the kitchen
(and on the bike, in the pool, on the track, pounding the roads, in the gym….)

I have been making these bad boy protein snacks for years; however there now is a veritable treasure trove of online sites specialising in recipes…. simply get your Google on and use your judgement for what constitutes a healthy and a less than healthy recipe; don’t be afraid to tweak it and make substitutions these recipes are VERY forgiving.. I will have more recipes posted in the coming months and available as e-books.


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