When is low in Carbs a “No No” for the Endurance athlete


Silhouette Of An Exhausted Sportsman At Sunset

When is a diet lower in carbohydrates not a smart strategy for the endurance athlete?

And when is lower in carbohydrates during training season NOT recommended for the athlete aiming for weight and body fat reduction? When in general a lower in carbohydrate diet is recommended for that very purpose?

low carb
Low carb meals aren’t always appropriate for the hard training endurance athlete

In general endurance athletes do NOT need as many carbohydrates during day to day training as many out dated dietician texts will have us think. Given there will be those on either side of the extreme needing much more or much less carbohydrates to support optimal training, recovery and health.

Carbos like this are not on the plan for my athletes!


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