Derval O’Rourke’s new cookbook ‘Food for the Fast lane’
Derval O'Rourke

Derval O’Rourke’s new cookbook ‘Food for the Fast lane’

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Hi folks,

It is YET ANOTHER FABULOUS SEPTEMBER DAY; wow I cannot get enough of this Indian Summer we are having here in Ireland, I am just back from my own little 19km canter around the block in the warm sun (ok 18.95 km my running OCD is kicking myself for the shortfall!). I think every athlete and active person in Ireland will agree that it has been the best ever summer for outdoor training.

I know that speaking for myself, while things are still up in the air regarding getting the new clinic up and running (read here) I have been outdoors a lot; to keep fit, to keep my mind clear, and to help me make decisions about the future. I personally find that decluttering your head with activities such as running, walking, hiking, or biking allow the solutions to float in…. minus the worry and over-analysis. This is probably due to the repetitive nature of these activities putting you into a state of heart sync, a sort of active meditation so to speak. If you have decisions to make get outdoors rather than on a hamster wheel of over analysis; your productivity will thank you for it.

If you are not familiar with where I live;


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