Handy Herb-Style Pesto

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This is my take on a handy herb pesto that does not contain cheese, dairy ingredients or gluten. Not everyone is a fan of a very strong basil flavour so in this mix I used coriander, parsley, and basil. I didn’t add garlic as I am not able to tolerate raw garlic. However if you are a garlic fan I suggest that you add garlic to add taste and depth and also health benefits to this ‘pesto’.

I made this in my Nutribullet. I have spoken about this in my previous Herb Blitz recipe here.  If you do not have a NutriBullet with a little bit of effort this should blitz with a hand-held blender or in a food processor or blender.

Handy Herb-Style Pesto



  • Fresh coriander – lots – approximately ½ large container
  • Fresh parsley –  about 75:25 with coriander; approximately 1 decent fistful or small container
  • Fresh basil leaves – decent fistful depending on how strong you like the basil flavour. I tend to use more coriander and less basil.
  • Pine nuts – decent amount toasted under the grill or in a dry frying or sauce pan
  • Extra Virgin olive oil – sufficient to allow the blender to blitz all the herbs and not too much so start low and add more as needed.
  • 1 to 2 teaspoons hot paprika or chili powder depending on how ‘hot’ you like it!
  • Generous seasoning from Celtic, Atlantic or Himalayan salt


  • If you are a garlic fan add 1/2 to 1 clove of garlic. As it is raw it can taste strong so start tentatively.
  • Instead of pine nuts Go Raw sprouted and salted pumpkinseeds taste amazing or salted roasted cashew nuts work superbly also.
  • To help the mixture blitz while limiting oil I often add a dash of balsamic vinegar.
  • If you wish to add further flavour and healing benefits then try ground dried turmeric and/ or fresh or dried chilli


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