Lambs liver and lambs heart casserole with a spicy twist

Lambs hearts

More from my experimentations with organ meats as I investigated not only in the books and on the internet about their nutritive properties but also just what these babies taste like in cooking! It is important to be authentic and walk the talk 🙂

I have never eaten heart before so I was tentative adding heart to this dish choosing to use mostly liver which I am more familiar with. Now that I have tasted this creation I recommend more heart (e.g. two) and less liver as the heart tastes divine and isn’t as strong as the liver. Lamb heart doesn’t taste too far off a pricey cut of steak; happy days! The vegetables that I selected for this dish were a selection from what I had available to me with no preconceived recipe only the one that formed in my head from what was available to me.



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