Food and Activity Diaries – How useful are they?

Kona ironman nutrition

I ask all my clients and athletes to complete a food, training and well-being diary for me. Why? For many reasons and mostly the following:

Remember, my end goal is to help you eat a more balanced diet, richer in nutrition, focused on REAL foods, reduced in food choices devoid of nutrition, that meets your training requirements and assists the achievement of each training sessions goals while also bringing you naturally to optimal training and racing weight. A diet that enables an athlete to be fit and healthy, free from illness and less prone to injury while supporting intense training, strong competition performance and swifty recovery all the while embracing a healthy relationship to food and with your body….. all done with no need for extreme measure, extreme finance or extreme cooking skills!

So why do I ask you to complete a food and exercise diary?

  • I want to see what…

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Mercury, health and exposure

Hi folks,

I am not going to write a long post about mercury; here is an article from Townsend Letters about mercury: Mercury: The Quintessential Anti-Nutrient

Mercury is something that we see often in the clinic, and use laboratories in Germany to test a variety of samples such as hair, dental amalgam in saliva and also urine.

If you would like to know more about diagnosis, treatment and whether mercury may be affecting your health please do contact us.


Basic vegetable soup

I threw a quick healthy soup together today for our dinner. Soup isn’t only a lunch option; adding sufficient protein on the side such as some sliced meat or a poached egg and even some beans or bean pasta, rice or quinoa into your soup will make for a filling and complete dinner meal.


“It’s quite green” he said!

Soup is VERY simple to make and most vegetables will work. This is what I used today:

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Anti-inflammatory recovery smoothie

Hi Folks,

This is a quick recipe to add to your routine to assist with muscle soreness, improve recovery and also aid your digestive system, liver and overall health.

This is the bare basic bones of it; so don’t be afraid to switch your protein source around (e.g. hemp or brown rice or casein before bed), or add other goodies such as a dash of dark green leaves (e.g. spinach, rocket), cacao powder, or berries. Not everyone has the time to do fancy, so I kept it simple here and I do encourage you to play around with this recipe.


What you need:

  • 1 small piece of fresh turmeric or approximately 1 heaped teaspoon ground turmeric
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Dash of honey
  • 1 serving whey protein
  • Whole-fat organic or raw milk
  • If you can stomach it a dash of black pepper will assist the absorption of the turmeric, there is sufficient fat in the milk to further enhance absorption.



  1. Place all your ingredients and milk to your desired volume into a nutribullet and blitz.imag2862
  2. If you need additional anti-inflammatory support then consider adding some ginger; if pain is an issue a dash of cayenne pepper will also help as strong as you can handle!.
  3. Enjoy after training or before bed.


PS My injury is healing wonderfully, see here for my updated blog post on healing an injury


Feeling Anxious?

Hi all,

I had an anxious week last week. Maybe it was the vibes, maybe it was me, maybe it was my body. The brain always wants to obsess on how we are feeling and sometimes the best thing that we can do is focus outwards and switch our focus.

Here are a few words of encouragement


The Honest Guys have a super channel on YouTube worth signing up with. Here is their latest meditation:


Anxiety can have many causes and it is always worth investigating further to address their causes. Here are a few causes that we may find during an assessment in the clinic:

  1. Anxiety is a symptom to draw your attention to a problem. It is your friend and asks you to explore the nutritional, lifestyle, spiritual and emotional balance in your life.
  2. Empath or highly sensitive person – sensitive to all that surrounds you
  3. Poor nutrition whether it is calorie excess or deficiency and various specific nutritional deficiencies (e.g. methylfolate or magnesium)
  4. Fatigue and adrenal imbalance
  5. Female hormone imbalance, male hormone imbalance, thyroid issues
  6. Blood sugar problems
  7. Lack of sleep
  8. Excess exercise
  10. Gastrointestinal issues
  11. Inflammation
  12. Infections
  13. Emotional traumas or accidents in the recent or distant past
  14. Musculoskeletal imbalance – the body out of alignment
  15. Environmental sensitivity. For example to a place, people in a place or to weather patterns (anxiety rises before a thunder-storm)
  16. Unhappiness
  17. Discomfort around various people
  18. An ability to feel things ahead of time – sensitive psychic senses. This is common for many of us. For example driving to a meeting and feeling anxious; later you understand why given how things played out.
  19. Not doing what you really feel that you should be doing; a nudge to follow your calling

what comes to mind for you? The journey is unique for each of us….

For the insomniacs:

Here are my three go to’s for sleepless nights.






PS get in touch if you would like to uncover why you may be feeling like this and how we can out strategies in place to help. I find these essences wonderful and use them in my life daily; I created them to assist my own well-being as well as my clients.


Migraines suck….


This article discusses migraine, what it is, various triggers and underlying causes, touches on some strategies to treat migraine as well as the emotional and metaphysical causes. This article is more a resource and support than a definitive A-Z; if you would like help determining the causes for your migraine or to know more about individual treatment approaches that may work for you and/ or to book an appointment for a comprehensive assessment please complete the contact form below.

Migraine 1: Andrea NIL

Migraine got the better of me this morning and left me floored for the whole day. I tried to chew on the reasons and emotions but sometimes it’s as simple as those pesky things called hormones or practical things like lack of sleep, bright lights, food triggers, low blood glucose levels, mobile phones and WiFi, flickering lights, even weather patterns, and as mentioned hormonal dips pre-menstrually.

People experience migraines with an aura, or without. I don’t know which is worse, the forewarning of the impending head pain or the sudden onslaught of the head pain without the warning from an aura.

I get an aura; I lose half of my vision and get crazy squiggles, lines and distortions in my field of vision. I struggle to read words as the letters get all jumbled up and half of them go missing. For others the aura can affect speech and senses such as touch and smell. Hyper sensitivity to smells is common and numbness or paralysis down the body on one side is noted by others.

All kinds of freaky stuff to be honest especially for a first time sufferer, but what the aura does give you is a little time to put some strategies into place to hopefully lesson the headache phase. I immediately take magnesium, paracetamol or ibuprofen if I have them, and get into a dark room. I also use aromatherapy oils provided that my sense of smell tolerates it and I massage my vagal nerve. I do also tend to think about where have I lost balance in my life and today I actually got down on the rumble roller and checked that my back muscles weren’t all tensed up.


This is a great photo of what an aura looks like;
and yes it moves just like this!

We live in a world of analysis. We are educated in the mind-body and are very self-aware, and so many of us now look to the emotional and metaphysical causes of an illness or symptoms and this is great. But it isn’t always that simple or straight forwards; before you consider adding your twopence worth to someone in the throws of a migraine.

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Slow Cooked Livers


Organ meats are good for us; I have written about why here. The nutrition from offal foods like liver is simply outstanding and something that we should get into the habit of including in our meals a couple of times a month.

For many, liver isn’t the most delicious meat so it is important to use recipes that are simple and also tasty. Chris Masterjohn gives some excellent tips here on liver storage and preparation and if you scroll down readers share helpful cooking tips.

Garron cooks a delicious onion and liver dish coated in flax seed meal that I havent yet managed to beat. It is started on the pan and finished in the oven and if I get my hands on the recipe I will share it.

I prepared a slow cooker liver dish yesterday.

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