Eating for recovery after a race

Race recovery – read on!

Kona ironman nutrition

Hi everyone,

I hope that the racing season is going well for you.

On the back of a super coaches corner podcast today I’ve added a few more words about eating for recovery after a race.

PS apologies for the cut out the memory on my phone must have been low. I was discussing supplements to consider; honestly? The main hitters are your whey or vegan protein, carbohydrate blends, chocolate milk, water and electrolytes, or all in one recovery products. These are your critical list for urgent recovery. So we are talking about an all-in-one protein-recovery blend, or protein drink with some quick acting carbohydrate foods, chocolate milk and a banana for example, or an easy to digest protein and carbohydrate fuelling/ recovery type bar.

Then food is your best friend. REAL food and balanced meals with quality ingredients will always help your recovery more than any other strategy.


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Are you taking a statin?

As a trained pharmacist I have a deep understanding that you never just stop a patient on their med’s. However, information is key also.

If you are on a statin it is worth educating yourself on:

  1. the truth about cholesterol and its importance for health
  2. the truth about heart disease and inflammation
  3. natural diet and supplement alternatives
  4. Supplements to take when on a statin medication; correct dosing of statin medications (lower doses are just as effective and far safer should your consultant feel that you must be taking a statin)
  5. the truth about statin side effects and how to prevent or treat them

I can help if you need more advice and support.

Some helpful links:

Dr. Duane Graveline’s blog: Spacedoc

Statin Nation: here 

The cholesterol myths by Dr Uffe Ravenskov: here

My hero Dr Mark Houston: here 

Dr. Sinatra here (bit too much emphasis on selling his supplements; advice is accurate)

This is a snippet worth watching:

If you need advice or support please contact me:

Set point theory of weight

Today we had another fun chat with the coaches!

We discussed

  • Wear and tear on our bikes while on our trainers
  • 5 Tips for Setting Up an Effective Indoor Cycling Space
  • Volume or intensity workouts; which is better?
  • Altitude acclimatization
  • and it was my turn to give the scoop on body set point theory/ optimal body weight and nutrition (starting at 29 minutes in).

Here are some helpful supportive links:…/default/files/set_point_theory.pdf



If you are interested to learn more about your weight and health, or have this assessed using state of the art bioelectrical impedence and supported in your quest to idea health and performance, please fill in the contact form.


Lentil, seed, veggie loaf – chuck it together and go

This little loaf worked a treat. I was planning on making lentils burgers, but burgers have a tendency to go dry (and also a loaf is far less messy!). So I had a go at making a loaf and it was so good I made a second one a few days later, changing the ingredients up just a tiny bit.

The loaf is very moist, it can be served with an egg on top if you wanted to raise the protein intake further, or with some melted cheese, or just as it is with lashings of vegetables. I actually have been eating this like bread also as a snack with some cream cheese, or cheese/ butter/ peanut butter; I guess you could call the lentil loaf high protein bread!



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