Build a team

It is hugely important, when you are having issues with complex and chronic health problems, to build a team. One that can support you in mind, body, and emotions.

For example, my team are my doctors, Dr Pip Cullen and Dr Tom Pierce whom lately helped me, my osteopath Eoin Flynn, Dee O’Connor energy healer, and Dan Sainsbury tranformational coach. And not forgetting my fitness health where Annchen Clarke of 3YO coaching and and Adrian O’Brien of OBF fitness support me.

My biggest support however is MY SELF, followed in close second by my amazing fiance Garron, my cousin Vikki, my closest friends and family. I believe a support team is crucial at all times for me regardless of where my health is because of the work that I do with people.

Who is in your team? Do you have a team? Please have a listen; especially if you are going through challenges with your health and lets start the journey together towards healing.



PEMF for Lymes disease

Hi all,

Lymes disease and its complications is something that I am seeing increasingly in the clinic.

It is a complex condition, requiring a multi-disciplinary approach of medical support and advanced medical diagnostics, functional diagnostics (e.g. more specific gastrointestinal, hormonal, adrenal, nutrient, or thyroid profiling), diet, nutritional supplements, herbs, osteopathy or cranial osteopathy, optician review and finally energy medicine from both hands on therapy and devices such as PEMF or Rife. This list isn’t exhaustive.

I will not go into a details in the post about specific recommendations, as I believe every patient is highly individual and I take every symptom seriously and on their own context. However, I refuse to put Lymes in a box and I strongly believe in supporting the emotional mind-body link, beliefs and perceptions, symptoms from other perspectives, lifestyle and life path choices and finally to work on healing the condition from the inside out: working on the resilience of the patient and their innate immune strength.

Lymes, just like all bacterial, viral and parasitic conditions is constantly trying to evolve faster than the tactics we use to kill it. This makes it terribly important to avoid solely relying on killing it with drugs and supplements or herbs (ie an outside attack)  but to also raise the bodies natural capacity to withstand and then beat the infection.  Just like it does with many viruses and bacteria that cross its path on a daily basis.

A strong, healthy and resilient body is everything.

Hand in hand with this is healing and repairing the body (ie diet, lifestyle, movement, gut health, herbs, supplements if needed) so that it can recover from any damage caused by the infection; raising its energy to defend and heal, and nourishing the body so that it can thrive once more. Once energy is adequate making the body strong with movement and exercise is important (and for many more reasons); and finally getting outdoors into nature is an important part of the healing journey.

This all is a start!

There are many other strategies and skills that we work on in the clinic. I am not a Lymes expert, but I will take a whole body supportive approach to build you back up again and if its needed for your best care I will also work alongside your Lymes expert or medical doctor. I feel a broad approach is vital.

Here are a few links that you may find interesting or that you may not have come across before:

Dr Pawluk writing on Lymes disease and PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency therapy). I have a PEMF device in the clinic.

And here is an interesting article on the mind-body link—Metaphysical-and-Spiritual-Aspects&id=3056426

PS I do think Lymes is real; and I do think physical symptoms are real, and yet I also see a spiritual journey and a person in front of me that is terribly hard on themselves. I think if I was to give lymes a one liner it would be I SEE YOU, I SEE YOU ARE UNIQUE AND GIFTED IN A WORLD THAT IS NOT THE EASIEST TO THRIVE IN AND ONE THAT YOU DONT ALWAYS FEEL SEEN OR ACCEPTED IN.



magnesium – are you deficient

Hi all,

here are some quick links to some good information on Magnesium.


by Carolyn Dean, MD, ND

to read the original article please click here:

Gauging magnesium deficiency symptoms:

Follow the links recommended here:

I recommend that when purchasing a magnesium product you avoid magnesium oxide, and choose an aspartate, citrate or malate. Epsom salts baths are also wonderful and please increase your intake of green leafy vegetables.


I can help YOU heal….

To heal complex health problems we must look at everything and this starts with the gut…

This will be a short post!

I deal with chronic and complex health problems almost daily in my clinic. To solve complex health problems such as fatigue, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal issues, modern complex conditions such as Lyme’s disease and post-viral syndromes, auto-immune issues and functional issues that we are told to live with, requires getting to the bottom of everything to the core of what is really going on.

I can help!

THIS is what I am good at, and why is probably a function of a mixture of my nature (wanting to know why in every possible way!), my training (pharmacy, nutritional therapy, and functional medicine training all lead to the desire to get to the core of the issue and treat from there) and my passion (I want you to feel not only better but well in all that this means for you).

The internet and social media is where people turn to for answers and I wont even attempt to try to answer all your questions here about why you are unwell because this is so very complex and so highly individual that to attempt to will miss many factors unique to you.

Google will not diagnose nor treat your problems; you have to let go and start to trust someone who has the science, the knowledge, the wisdom and the passion to want to truly help empower you with the tools to heal. I may, or may not be that person; only you will know this.

So all I can offer really is this:

My word!

That I care and will do everything I know to help you on your journey back to health.

That I am continually studying to ensure that I am up to date on all relevant and important research in all these fields.

That I understand your concerns, anxiety and at times inability to trust that we can do this because I know just how overwhelming it feels when chronic ill-health strikes.

That although what I may ask you to do seems simple and easy it is based on a lot of research, study, and expense on my behalf to ensure that I am doing the very best job possible.

That I want to listen to you; how you describe your journey with your health is of crucial important.

That I am here 100% to support you.

Chronic health issues suck, and happen as a result of many complex and intertwining factors that start as far back as before our birth, to the antibiotics we received as a child, the stress that we suffered at times in our lives, the appendix or tonsils surgery, to that gastritis bug we suffered on holidays or the accident we had, and on and on. Then add to this our lifestyle and diet choices, ongoing stress, our genetic weak sports, where we live and we start to see that things are complex.

My job is to make it simple. You effectively employ me to be your health detective, and then your advisor and guide, and from there hopefully your friend and support system.

Have a think about the following triggers and if you feel that I can help using a combination of the skills that I am fortunate to have (science, medicine, nutrition and herbs, healing and a giant heart) then please do contact me.




You can heal your body

A very important video detailing how to start healing ourselves. Enjoy x

Journeys in Healing


Andrea’s recommended Mind-Body exercises and some thoughts on how to switch between disconnection from our bodies into greater connection and appreciation of our body’s state of health and also how to gain perspective and awareness when we become overly concerned and hypervigilent in our bodies.

We tend to flit between the two when we are struggling with health problems of a chronic nature.

Please practice this exercise often with whatever tweaks feel right to you.

Much love


PS if you are struggling with health problems and would like some assistance with your return to health, and a professional to help determine the core imbalance beneath all your symptoms; please contact me on

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Do you suffer from Fatigue?

Hi Folks,

Here is a video blog of me discussing fatigue.

Fatigue, along with gastrointestinal complaints, is the most common condition that I treat in the clinic. I believe that with a bit of time, patience, effort (on your behalf!) and support and detective work on my behalf that fatigue can be fully solved.

In fact I believe that once we get to the true core issues and address them, that healing can happen quickly.

A return to health most often involves making positive and lifelong changes to your diet, lifestyle, environment, and the mind-body connection. In other words making changes to what caused the problem in the first place!

Any number of other issues can tag along such as viruses, infections, toxicity, poor organ function, hormonal imbalances, and so on….. but each imbalance is a result of a deeper issue relating to diet, lifestyle, environment and our emotions-belief systems.

I am here to support you on the journey and your quest back to health, vitality and adventure….

If you suffer with fatigue that is impacting your health, life or sports endeavours please contact the clinic on; it will be my pleasure to help.

PS I am a former fatigue sufferer and fully on your side when I say I get it!

And after some work on my own health using the principles that I will share with you, I am well, healthy and very active. Here is me with a great friend Orla before my first triathlon in June 2015. I didn’t get to run in this one due to a foot injury but I kicked ass in one a few weeks later in Austria 70.3 half ironman. 🙂

andrea triathlon

Much love,


Struggling to Sleep?

This is a lovely article written by Jodi of Vibrant Blue oils, to add to the lifestyle, diet and supplements advice that we give you here in the clinic:

We keep almost all of the Vibrant Blue oils product range in the clinic for use with healing treatments; clients LOVE them ❤

Before you get stuck into the article I would like to draw your attention to this wonderful article on sleep and how a solid 8 hours sleep may not be natural to the majority of us. This will help remove a lot of anxiety around the topic! Nightly 8-Hour Sleep Isn’t a Rule. It’s a Myth.

Also that sleep may cycle with the moon cycles and many clients including myself report less sleep and more vivid dreaming around the time of the full or new moon.

Also there is a significant amount of seasonal variation in relation to sleep; we tend to need more sleep in Winter and less in Summer; roll with it!

Women need more sleep than men, athletes need more sleep than ‘normal’ persons, women athletes will require even more and children need a lot more sleep than adults….


Sleep is Critical for Health and Healing

Restful sleep, defined as the ability to both fall asleep and stay asleep, is critical for health and healing.  It allows time for the body to rest and repair, detoxify, balance blood sugar levels, burn calories and reset our energy reserves.  Without restful sleep, we feel fatigued and our body compensates with cortisol spikes, sugar cravings and other tricks to keep us awake and functioning.

There is also growing evidence that sleep cycles impact other cycles in the body including the rhythmic patterns of the digestive and immune systems.  When we sleep, the brain produces 90 minute cycles of slow wave sleep. This is followed by periods of rapid eye movement (REM) during which dreams occur. During the night, the gut also produces 90 minute slow wave muscle contractions which are followed by short burst of rapid movement. Poor sleep cycles can disrupt this digestive function and the healing process within the gut.

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