Endocrine disrupters and health

This is a superb article published in Medscape that I highly recommend reading to educate yourself about some of the facts linking endocrine disrupters and health, and whether this is significant or not, and how to protect yourself.

Endocrine Disruptors: Should We Be Afraid?

Experts Provide Practical Advice to Share With Patients

I do believe there is cause for being a little more vigilant about the food you buy, washing produce, and cleaning up your environment (ie less chemicals in the home and less chemical based toiletries in your bathroom!).

Children, teenagers and pregnant mothers are especially vulnerable.

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Endocrine Disruptors: Should We Be Afraid?


Why I hold off paying money into cancer charities…..



Any discussion on cancer is going to be controversial, and emotional, and difficult. The response to my article has been phenomenally positive; thank you.

Some persons however have chosen to judge me before the article has even been read or not understand completely why I took the time to write this article; that’s ok. It’s not about me. I would like to open my heart to you and explain why I am so passionate about sharing this information, why I am not scared to place my neck out on the chopping board when it comes to the truth, and why it is so very important that we support the persons pioneering the therapies that work to support the cancer patient.

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Be the change

love “Being all of who you are may seem like the smallest of changes to make

and in truth is the MOST IMPORTANT CHANGE that the world needs right now.”

There is something deep in me, that always has been there, and it is a strong desire to make a difference. And it always overwhelmed me at how was I possibly supposed to do this. I feel I am so small, and my abilities to reach many people or create changes that could even possibly have far-reaching consequences seemed so limited that in my mind I felt that this giant task of ‘making a difference’ was never going to be possible. I think many of us feel this way. And the truth is so far from this limiting notion.


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What are Xenoestrogens?

Everything about this amazing blog site is worth following. Thank you Kimberly for your passionate work. Folks I encourage you to delve in enthusiastically into this crucial topic that relates to us all! Andrea

Living Detox

Xenoestrogens are environmental non-organic chemicals that mimic estrogen.  Xenoestrogens can either be byproducts of chemical processes, production of man-made materials, or the breakdown of such materials in the environment.  In some cases, as in pesticides, the xenoestrogen itself is productized.

Xenoestrogens are under a great deal of investigation by scientists and are seen to be responsible for a number of potentially irreversible problems in our environment… and in our own bodies.

The most shocking evidence of the effects of xenoestrogens on human populations is seen in the steep rise in health issues related to estrogen dominance syndrome, especially within western cultures.  The health issues associated with estrogen dominance syndrome affect across the whole population, impacting men, women and children.  Across the board, health concerns are increasing as rates of illness are rising.

  • Breast cancer – women
  • Endometriosis – women
  • Prostate cancer – men
  • Precocious puberty – girls
  • Feminization – boys

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This may save a Life; you are NOT ruled by your genetics


Hello Everybody,
I will keep this post brief as I am away on holidays. However, this YouTube clip by Bruce Lipton is too important to not mention in its own blog as well as in brief passing on Facebook.

Beliefs have PROFOUND effects on the outcome of our lives and our health. Beliefs can change and alter the playing field for our genetics. If you believe that you are at the destiny of your genes please spend 10 minutes and watch this clip; especially if breast cancer runs in the family or affects a close friend or colleague.

How can we influence a positive outcome if we have been dealt a weak genetic hand? This list is not exhaustive (as then this would not be a short blog!) but touches on some areas of importance:

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From ‘There’ to ‘Here”

By Andrea Cullen
Nutritional Therapist, Pharmacist and Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

On Sunday, May 2nd, I spoke at an event hosted here in Castletroy, Limerick; Irelands first water solutions event where we discussed water, fluoride issues, electrolysed reduced water for human and veterinary use, and also water filtration systems as used by NASA to remove all common toxins, bacteria and chemicals from drinking water.

I was absolutely honoured to share the podium with Dr Peggy Parker, Naturopath and Biological doctor; Dr Tim Crowe, one of THE most qualified veterinarians in the USA; and Michael Pederson water filtration specialist and founder of Aquaspace water filters.
We had a packed room in the sunny Castletroy Carlton hotel; and once the nerves flew off me I thoroughly enjoyed my presentation. This is the link describing the line-up for the day:

My goal was not to stand up and tell everyone to drink Kangen water; for a start I am not an expert in Kangen. My goal was to stand in front of everyone and speak from my heart with a metaphorical pair of jump leads to get everyone going within to find their own answers about how to heal themselves and protect the health of their loved ones. So I did just that, microphone in shaky hand I spoke from the heart; and I have learnt one thing lately; when you speak from the heart, everything changes!

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