“Something is wrong – what do I do now?”


here is a quick video that I put together discussing some things to consider when we get a bit of bad news about our health. How do we feel about it? What do we consider as our options? Who do we go to?

If anything I just want to instill a bit of hope that you can take charge of the journey and weight up your options, follow your intuition, seek advice and support from many excellent therapists and doctors. Build up a team so to speak! You have options from:

  1. Medical doctors and consultants.
  2. Nutritional therapists.
  3. Functional or integrative therapists.
  4. Medical herbalists
  5. Manual therapists such as osteopathic and chiropractic and Bowen therapy experts.
  6. Reflexology, acupuncture, aromatherapy, sound therapy, homeopathy, tree and flower therapy (something close to my own heart).
  7. Energy healing modalities from technologies such as PEMF or from hands on therapists practicing energy healing.

Etc. I do recommend when possible to work with someone with a medical or science background so that they can understand both sides of the great divide that we know as holistic and conventional. A pretty crazy divide if you ask me as there are merits to all approaches and additional benefits from approaching your illness or diagnosis with a ‘team’ approach. Seek what feels right. Although I do recommend that you give any therapy and therapist sufficient time, there is nothing ‘wrong’ with seeking multiple answers.

Build allies on your journey

I always suggest that you blend physical and healing treatments with mindfulness, self-awareness and acknowledgement of emotions. Something I use often in my clinic is a TIME-LINE and clients find this very insightful to make a road map of factors that came before an illness or diagnosis.

Never quit on the journey forwards; the body given the right tools, love and support will always strive to heal.

Much love,

PS you may find this interesting: http://www.healing-art-community.com/emotions-and-diseases/


Impact of Childhood Trauma and Stressors in Pain Disorders and Adult Health

This is a recent article from the Townsend Letters that is worth a read:

Impact of Childhood Trauma and Stressors in Pain Disorders and Adult Health

Traumatic experiences and stressors in childhood have historically been overlooked as predisposing factors in the development of various chronic pain disorders and psychiatric conditions, including fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic fatigue syndrome. However, the tide is turning as research is revealing a significant correlation between childhood trauma and adult health. Childhood trauma can cause cumulative damage and foster the biological embedding of adversities (via epigenetics) during developmental stages – both of which have been proposed mechanisms for the development of various adult physical and mental conditions.

click here to read on: Impact of Childhood Trauma and Stressors in Pain Disorders and Adult Health


I am a big believer in the power of repeated nudges to keep you on the path of personal growth.

Growth to me is about becoming silently stronger,
Facing fears and conquering challenges,
and doing that something more every day.

It’s about moving forwards with curiosity, passion, and a sense of something more.
Letting go of what surrounds us in the quest to find what is within us.
It’s about letting go of expectations and grabbing on to experiences.
Becoming more, living more, fueling the fire more.

Why? Because it feels good; because it feels right;
because it feels alive.

The more we grow, the more we can give.
The more we give; the more we feel a part of the world that surrounds us.

That is what personal growth means to me; it is my responsibility in certain ways, to all that I am a part of.
Its how I wish to show up in life…..always striving to be everything that I can be.

I do many things along my journey to grow. I believe we all have different ways to grow and learn, and that finding these ‘tools’ for ourselves is as much a part of our growth, if not more, than learning from others. But often to start; we need the nudge and first steps from others.

I often plug into motivational clips while training on the bike, or in the bath, or getting changed for work, or in the car; it just gives me the oomph to get on with it!

Here are a few that I have liked lately:

If short on time start on about 6 mins on the next one. Honestly though, it’s worth making time to listen to positivity when our world around it tries to steal it at every chance. Training, driving, commuting, breakfast….make a positive change to your mind-set.

Motivation patience momentum

Finally this one was another I liked

get on YouTube and explore!

Love ya’all.


That’s me; facing a fear. Racing with people around me when I get so anxious. But it’s worth it!


Feeling Anxious?

Hi all,

I had an anxious week last week. Maybe it was the vibes, maybe it was me, maybe it was my body. The brain always wants to obsess on how we are feeling and sometimes the best thing that we can do is focus outwards and switch our focus.

Here are a few words of encouragement


The Honest Guys have a super channel on YouTube worth signing up with. Here is their latest meditation:


Anxiety can have many causes and it is always worth investigating further to address their causes. Here are a few causes that we may find during an assessment in the clinic:

  1. Anxiety is a symptom to draw your attention to a problem. It is your friend and asks you to explore the nutritional, lifestyle, spiritual and emotional balance in your life.
  2. Empath or highly sensitive person – sensitive to all that surrounds you
  3. Poor nutrition whether it is calorie excess or deficiency and various specific nutritional deficiencies (e.g. methylfolate or magnesium)
  4. Fatigue and adrenal imbalance
  5. Female hormone imbalance, male hormone imbalance, thyroid issues
  6. Blood sugar problems
  7. Lack of sleep
  8. Excess exercise
  10. Gastrointestinal issues
  11. Inflammation
  12. Infections
  13. Emotional traumas or accidents in the recent or distant past
  14. Musculoskeletal imbalance – the body out of alignment
  15. Environmental sensitivity. For example to a place, people in a place or to weather patterns (anxiety rises before a thunder-storm)
  16. Unhappiness
  17. Discomfort around various people
  18. An ability to feel things ahead of time – sensitive psychic senses. This is common for many of us. For example driving to a meeting and feeling anxious; later you understand why given how things played out.
  19. Not doing what you really feel that you should be doing; a nudge to follow your calling

what comes to mind for you? The journey is unique for each of us….

For the insomniacs:

Here are my three go to’s for sleepless nights.






PS get in touch if you would like to uncover why you may be feeling like this and how we can out strategies in place to help. I find these essences wonderful and use them in my life daily; I created them to assist my own well-being as well as my clients.


Make your Day….

How you start the day sets up the rest of your day. Here are a few of my thoughts as I hiked some hills yesterday morning. Excuse the crunchy footsteps!


Journeys in Healing

1 Keeper Hill 2

So this morning instead of going for a swim (the should do), I did what I wanted to do, and headed for a hike up the hills.

I normally blog the insights that I receive by hand; but today because perhaps I felt brave, I voice recorded my thoughts as I hiked back down. I apologise for the crunchy footsteps I had no idea that they would be so loud!!

This is my first movie maker so to speak so I did my best to give you some visuals while also keeping them relevant to the scenery that I was seeing from The Step Hill beside Keeper Hill in Tipperary; a lovely place to walk in the peace and quiet. There is a great view over Thomond park also!

I hope this speaks to your heart; I am unsure if it is the cheesiest thing that I have ever done…

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Are you Ready to Heal?

A very important blog to read to assess are you Ready for Healing

Journeys in Healing

Sunset on Chimborazo

Ask yourself these following questions;

  • Do I want to be better?

  • Am I ready to make the most of my life?

Never quit on the belief that a life of joy, health and happiness is possible in your future.


  • Are you ready to be responsible for, and accountable to, your health?

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Feeling Summer Blues?


If you are finding the less than sunny summer a challenge try considering the following to rise your spirits, nurture your soul and ground you with energy:
1.  No matter what the weather try to get outside in nature every day. Places that are especially beneficial to us are by moving water such as the beach, rivers, streams, and lakes; by trees; and on mountain peaks.

Gonubie beach 9

2. Breathe deeply and ground yourself. I often take a time out and lie on the floor or out in the garden and have a power “napitation”. I always feel better when I slow down, rest my mind, and connect my body to the ground. If you cannot do this try removing your shoes. Or chill in your garden; whatever it takes do it as it is important to ground yourself back into mother nature and draw your energy and awareness back to being connected with her.


3. Move your body – sometimes the right thing to do when you are feeling tired is to get outside and do some exercise. Go for a walk, a bike spin, a run or a hike. Get out on the water in a canoe or walk the dog. More often than not it is the being outside AND the body movement that matters. Just going to the gym often doesn’t create as much of a rebalancing buzz.

cross-country-running DOG-03-JS0011-01P

4. Connect with friends, family, or your animal friends. Connection is a vital part of our well-being. There are times in my life when I wasn’t always so surrounded by the amazing people that I am now. So when I felt lonely and deflated I took a book to the café or local hotel and treated myself to a coffee and sometimes more and snuggled in over my book. The feeling of people around me and often random unexpected conversations was plenty reassuring that I was in truth never alone.

Connect, reach out; I’ll bet you are not the only one missing connection.

5. Go on a mini-adventure – get in the car and drive! I’ll bet there are places right on your doorstep that you never even knew about!


6. Keep your home bright. I use selenite lamps and crystals in my office and at home. I find these wonderful for me. I also have a rose quartz lamp and a white Himalayan salt lamp. Full spectrum SAD lights and light boxes can be helpful. The new type of light bulbs (energy-saving) are the very worst ones for how we feel. If you can locate some old-fashioned ones then do. Examine the layout of your home can you make it brighter? Can you add more plants to bring nature inside?

7. Challenge yourself with new goals or activities. Go to the cinema on a school day, take up a crazy challenge like kite surfing, wind surfing, or triathlon (doh that’s me)and more; learn to swim or sail; join a sports group, class or club; take up a creative art class or learn a new language or cooking skills. Get out of your funk, get inspired and grab life.


8. Lose yourself in literature – snuggle up in a bright room or wrapped up outside and get lost in reading.

Study in the garden.2

study time for me with company 🙂

9. Eat well and place priority on fresh and local produce.

10. Are your vitamin D levels low? Have them tested by your GP as sometimes the blues may be related to a lack of Vitamin D due to lack of sunshine.

11. Book some me-time-treat-time; sometimes a few hours in a health spa or holistic treatment centre hits the reset button for a fatigued and low body.


What is it that you are yearning to do? Do it but whatever you do and whatever it takes…. laugh more.

Love Andrea