Coaches Corner 43: Cadence, Branched chain amino acids for athletes and more

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Hello all,

click the link here to educate yourself better on today’s topics of cadence in cycling, and BCAA supplements for athletes and a whole lot more…. enjoy the shenanigans

Andrea x

Some helpful links:

International Society of Sports Nutrition Position Stand: protein and exercise

Branched-chain amino acids and muscle protein synthesis in humans: myth or reality?

Leucine: The Muscle-Building Amino Acid Your Body Needs 

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Build a team

It is hugely important, when you are having issues with complex and chronic health problems, to build a team. One that can support you in mind, body, and emotions.

For example, my team are my doctors, Dr Pip Cullen and Dr Tom Pierce whom lately helped me, my osteopath Eoin Flynn, Dee O’Connor energy healer, and Dan Sainsbury tranformational coach. And not forgetting my fitness health where Annchen Clarke of 3YO coaching and and Adrian O’Brien of OBF fitness support me.

My biggest support however is MY SELF, followed in close second by my amazing fiance Garron, my cousin Vikki, my closest friends and family. I believe a support team is crucial at all times for me regardless of where my health is because of the work that I do with people.

Who is in your team? Do you have a team? Please have a listen; especially if you are going through challenges with your health and lets start the journey together towards healing.



Our first coaches corner where you can see us!

We had super fun today on coaches corner; our first time using Skype and I sense that the competition is on now for best hat and mug combo. Mitch won today; with Ian in sensible grown up clothes coming in a firm second.

We have built up a real treasure trove of resources for cyclists and triathletes; so if you are interested in having a listen to other podcasts you can find there here to stream in any format that suits you best and also here on YouTube. I have also detailed many of the podcasts here: (I may have missed a few).

Here is today’s awesome podcast 🙂

Today we discussed:

  • Early (warning) signs of health crashing and tips about what to do to prevent getting sick and return to full form as quickly as possible.
  • Indoor vs outdoor powermeter and what to do with your numbers – also, if you do not have a PM outdoors – how to pace yourself?
  • Theia offers words of wisdom on “failure- or is it?” I felt like she was speaking to my soul given the personal context for me; thanks Theia! Her words are worth listening to. I really enjoyed the tip on  “what am I going to give in a race” and I learnt that for me the importance of holding my health sometimes has far greater meaning in the context of my work and home life. I need to be healthy for what matters; and crushing this in a race just isn’t worth it.
  • Concept of a “Floor” in our Training Peaks numbers – and how to use it.
  • This week in the LAB.

As promised here are my words of advice regarding what to look out for and what to do when your health starts to veer off track:

Warning signs:

I have kept it light hearted; if you wish to read the official consensus on Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the Overtraining Syndrome: Joint Consensus Statement of the European College of Sport Science and the American College of Sports Medicine click here and another topic close to this and equally concerning is relative energy deficiency in sport and here is the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Consensus Statement on Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S): 2018 update.

Normal warning signs and symptoms that I see when training stress starts to ramp up are the following – without getting too in-depth!

Respiratory tract:

  • Allergies and asthma
  • Sinus infections
  • Head colds
  • Sore/ tickly throats
  • Constant cough
  • If really unlucky chest infections or pneumonia and viral conditions (that don’t need an antibiotic) worsening into bacteria complicated infections (that may need an antibiotic).

Gastrointestinal tract:

  • IBS type symptoms
  • Looser stools
  • Greater difficulty managing nutrition and feeling like food isn’t digesting well
  • Reflux and indigestion
  • More frequent food poisoning / gastritis incidents
  • Poor nutrient absorption – iron and B12 deficiency

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Connecting to your baby….

In addition to the world of science and food, medicine and the complementary, emotions-mind-body, illness, and high performance (yep that is already enough to confuse most people) I also work in the realm of spirit.

I wouldn’t want to try to explain how to you because some things are best left as magical (nor could I in a million years put the right words on this to describe it only that everything is energy and vibration and I often feel this), but I have a skill to connect to spirit babies and babies in the womb.

Babies talk, and I listen and they usually have a lot to say, or show as often is the case. More often than not what I receive is nuggets of love, or pieces of information guiding you in the here and now. Words of comfort, or specific guidance. It rarely comes as a lot; because this often means having to do a lot at a time when your energy may not be 100% and your mind needs respite. More often than not it is just simple guidance for your next steps along with words of wisdom and sometimes a nice insight into babies humour and temperament.

Although babies will often have an energy of being a boy or girl I would never hedge all my bets on what sex they are as energy can have a feel of feminine or male in that moment and in their chosen means of communicating with me. It is fascinating!

I love this work! It is pure love.

From what I have read I carry an ability to do the work of many women that have come before me in various cultures and communities. In years gone by this work was considered a normal part of the society. I hope that we can restore this “listening and supporting” work to a place of importance once more.

To feel confident and connected means more than anything….

This is a magical journey if you wished to connect more to pregnancy, desired pregnancy, miscarriage or the baby souls that came to be with you in other realms and not in physical – the path for us as their mothers often ends in ways that can be hard to understand yet the journey is often perfect as we and they planned. To hear more clearly can provide great comfort and support.

Often these heart connections that I feel and see create more profound healing than anything I have seen in terms of medical technology or from books. It is a journey of love and trust. And something that you can start to connect into once shown.

Our world is overwhelming enough; there are a gazillion experts out there with an opinion on what you must and should do. What if there were only a few simply things in each moment that was all the guidance you needed? Wouldn’t this help you breathe and relax and feel more confident.

If I can help it would be my pleasure.


Two great website resources!

click here folks:

and here:

Remember these mantras:

  • Keep it real (food).
  • Be environmentally aware and ethically conscious.
  • How can I make this meal better? Do what you can and then go one step better.
  • Preparation makes a big difference in our success.
  • Have I earned it with activity?
  • Become a master of your emotions; eating them away rarely helps.
  • Food builds you, heals you, powers your brain and body, recovers you, fuels you, protects you from illness, sustains you for the long-haul. The right food is life changing (and so is the wrong food).

Andrea x