What do I do exactly?

Because I have experience and education in many areas, sometimes this confuses people as to what exactly I do. This video blog (which let me down with a phone storage issue!) explains a bit more. Its short, please do have a look.

Basically, I set my brains on whatever comes to me for solutions, and set my heart on helping the person that i see in front of me.


If you want the nitty-gritty these are my qualifications:

  • Pharmacist (ex Welsh School of Pharmacy, University of Cardiff, Wales, 1997).
  • Nutritional therapist (Raworth College, Dorking, Surrey, 2003).
  • Senior Associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine (London, ongoing).
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) certification with the Institute for Functional Medicine  (Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 2016).
  • Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Level I  (Health and Medical Professionals Certification) (Littleton, Colorado, 2016) and ongoing mentorship under Bob Seebohar and Dina Griffin
  • Developer of my own range of plant and healing tree essences: Healing Flower & Tree Essences of Ireland
  • Energy healing; although I have studied Reiki level one, as like many healers it is just something intuitive.
  • Experience working with herbs, aromatherapy, crystals, PEMF (Pulsed electromagnetic wave frequency therapy), body composition assessment, interpretation of blood and other medical tests, functional diagnostic medicine.
  • Wanna be athlete and curious about people person – I love sport, I try to live and breathe it to understand you better. I love life – every day is an opportunity to be something more, to learn something bigger and to somehow figure what it all means. Some say that living is one step closer to dying; I say living is one more day experiencing miracles; if we could only see past ourselves we could see just how much is out there in opportunities for us.

Who do I work with

Sometimes people need to know who I have worked with; I tend to see people as individuals to be honest and am not a big name dropper. I have worked with:

  • Hundreds of people over 13 years in nutrition and 20 years as a pharmacist.
  • Many sports disciplines from amateur to professional and olympic level in more than twenty different sports disciplines (track and field, rowing, long distance running, short distance triathlon, long distance triathlon, extreme challenges such as rowing across the Atlantic, slalom canoe, rugby, swimming, GAA football, hurling, professional soccer, boxing, martial arts, para-olympic (rowing, track and sprinting), high jump, sailing, power lifting, body building, race walking, cross-country, Irish dancing, basketball).
  • I have journeyed with many world-class athletes through rugby world cups, Heineken cups, Olympic games, World championships, Kona ironman, and I guess the most important category that isn’t a category personal success.
  • Persons suffering with chronic health complaints through the whole A-Z; I rarely see a diagnosis as a challange that is bigger than both of us. If you have a will, I will find a way.
  • People who just want to talk, be heard, and are ready to allow the healing journey and wisdom that is for them to unfold.

My Blogs

I am a hit and miss blogger but when I do write it is something driven by my heart to get a message across

  • Journeys in Healing – My personal stumbles in life, love, and my clinical practice as I learn to flow from heart and listen to my spirit

Much Love,

Andrea also competes at 70.3 distance