Clinic Details

Please note that if you would like to make an appointment then the best way to contact the clinic (as I am a one-band show) is by email so that I can reply to you as soon as possible in between work, clients, study and training OR even simpler complete the contact form at the bottom of this page. I devote as much time as I can to my work and I will admit to being a shambles when it comes to answering the phone. Many thanks for your understanding and I look forward to hearing from you.

Where to find us:

The clinic is located at 13 Newtown Mews, Annacotty, Limerick, Ireland.

Directions can be found here: Please park at the end of the car park in the UNMARKED free spaced.




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Our services include the following:

  • NEW Endurance, Triathlon, and Ironman Functional Nutrition Mentorship Programme  – email for more details and to reserve your place.
  • Athlete mentorship; please email me to find out more or complete the contact form below. You may be interested to join our closed and exclusive facebook group for triathletes and endurance athletes, or to follow us in our triathlon nutrition specific blog Kona Ironman Nutrition . Here is more about our sports nutrition services.
  • New blood testing service that puts you in control of ordering specific blood tests, completing them at home using a finger prick, and accessing and tracking your blood tests using a mobile phone app. Email me for more details; I am super excited about this service where I have partnered up with and
  • New test: OmegaQuant 24 fatty acid profile test.
  • Individualist and specialist approach – no one patient’s journey is the same.
  • Nutrition consultations.
  • Functional medicine approach
  • Functional diagnostic medicine tests using Genova, Metametrix, Microtrace Germany and Invivo clinical labs testing services.
  • Conventional blood test results interpretation.
  • Food diary analysis and individualised food and meal planning advice.
  • Sports nutrition – expert advice for elite and professional athletes as well as amateur athletes wanting to improve their total health and performance. Specialist in endurance, triathlon, ironman, track and field, swimming, GAA, rugby and youth athletes.
  • The chronically fatigued athlete (also known as over-training syndrome) and the under-performing athlete.
  • Chronic health sufferers and complex health disorders for which you wish for advice and support: Gastrointestinal conditions, Chronic fatigue (ME/ CFS, post-viral syndrome), Lymes disease, Fibromyalgia, Fertility, infertility and planning for a baby, Autoimmune conditions, etc.
  • Teenagers with stress or disordered eating.
  • Anxiety, stress and sleep concerns.
  • Weight loss and body composition optimisation.
  • Body composition testing using dual frequency BIA – please read more here about this fantastic system that gives you more than just a body fat %.
  • Pulsed wave electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) on the iMRS2000 with iSLRS biofeedback system.
  • PEMF treatment combined with healing essential oils (using Vibrant Blue oils EOs and Young Living Essential oils). This is such a lovely gentle way of allowing healing through the body and you can either choose your oils intuitively or ask Andrea for assistance.
  • Nutritional supplements and herbal remedies advice and prescription (please note I will refer to a herbalist for more complex issues as this is in your best interest).
  • Multi-disciplinary approach for the client; I will refer on or work with all other health professionals in your best interest and as part of your unique journey.
  • Intuitive healing and energy medicine.
  • Tree and flower essence remedies; if you feel drawn to trial these healing essences made from local trees and flowers please pop over to my webpage Healing Tree Energy Essences of Ireland.
  • Crystal therapy – as you will notice Andrea has a lot of crystals in the clinic from smaller stones to larger spheres and several lamps of selenite, rose quartz and white Himalayan salt. As she says:

I am not quite sure how or what they are doing (lets wait for the quantum physics dudes to catch up with what the sages and healers and intuitives have known for years). I have no doubt in my mind that just as everything in our world holds a unique vibration and frequency so too do crystals and this energy can have a huge impact on our bodies, healing and the release of emotions.
You will know if crystal healing is for you as you will be drawn to specific crystals in the clinic be they the smaller tumbled and rough stones or the fabulous crystal spheres. This is exactly how it should be; let me know which you are drawn to and simply hold it over the area of your body as you are so drawn.
We can investigate more using several crystal dictionaries should you like as it is always fascinating and amusing if not slightly uncanny to see which crystals people are drawn to.

Please know that I am intuitively drawn to crystals myself and use them often personally combined with PEMF and healing tree and flower essences however I don’t always know what the crystals specifically are. Does this matter? Not if you feel better 🙂

this is interesting:

  • I think that is all the services that I proved; to be honest I will do my best for all who walk through my door.

We love new clients and are open 12 midday until 7.30 pm for the latest appointment; Monday to Friday. We can accommodate Saturday appointments on special request and early morning appointments are on request also.



Skype sessions are available for international clients and clients unable to travel

We also do Skype sessions for those of you not able to visit in person. However if you can make it in for the first consultation this is recommended, as Andrea prefers to see you in person when possible for your greatest benefit.

Contact us:

Email: and  (preferred)



Paper-Mail: A-C Health Solutions, 13 Newtown Mews, Annacotty, Limerick, Ireland.



Please follow us on Facebook for updates, health trivia, nutrition news, science news and positive motivation; we are all about widening the web of learning and sharing the caring. I run three closed forums on Facebook so depending on your area of interest please do sign up:

Andrea Cullen triathlon and endurance athlete nutrition and training group

A-C Health Solutions private support group and client recipe exchange


Healing Flower & Tree Essences of Ireland



We are Facebook: A-C Health Solutions


I am a hit and miss blogger 🙂

You will find lots of support and interesting articles on my A-C Health Solutions blog and also for more on emotions and healing on my personal blog Andrea Cullen. For endurance athletes please pop over to my Kona Ironman Nutrition blog and for the nature lovers and those seeking new and deep ways to heal please read about my healing plant and tree essences here on


I look forward to connecting with you and touching your journey, as much as you will touch mine x




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  2. Hi Andrea i was just wondering would i be able to book an appointment with you for friday the 8th of May or any day the following week,thanks.


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