I want to heal

Journeys in Healing

It is so frustrating isn’t it when the body apparently lets you down, when it takes an age to heal, when you feel like shit day after day and it becomes so hard to have faith or find a positive focus.

You feel punished and you don’t know why.

I hear you!

We cannot run from what the body is saying; s(he) needs time, s(he) needs patience and love. S(he) needs you to listen and to be kind.

You aren’t being punished. The body is holding you here for good reason. You need to slow down, you need to look in, you need to finally go head and heart first into the old wounds and traumas, you need to learn new ways, greater love, divine patience! You are being asked to blindly trust, to have greater faith, to stick your heels into self belief and that things will turn around…

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2 thoughts on “I want to heal

  1. Been there here and again over the years. Nowadays even the common cold strikes fear in my heart.
    My son was struck by a car last year while crossing the street (in a crosswalk) and has been doing his best to heal every day. It’s a long process. We are fortunate most of the issues resolved without need for major medical intervention. But it does make one realize that sometimes slowing down is an absolute necessity to heal.


    • I am so sorry to hear this. and also positive because i know your mindset. I have been working with post traumatic brain injury/ concussion lately and have grown to appreciate just how much trauma to the head never mind the body can cause. Fortunately time, nutrition, energy healing and things like acupuncture and pemf can help. i think the hardest thing is being taken seriously. I say always trust your instincts and keep believing. sending much love.


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