What are your why’s?

Journeys in Healing

The past days I have been engaged in the most interesting of conversations with two of my close friends in sport, my fellow Endurance lab coaches, and my amazing boyfriend.

How are we different in how we approach a race/ competition?

What makes us perform better?

What are the driving emotions?

What strategies do we employ to get into the zone and attack a race?

I am more


What are our WHYs?

What matters most? The physical body, the mind and mental skills, or even determination and desire?

I am a thinker in my training(I probably drive people nuts); I really push into the gritty parts of what, why, how, and beyond. I want to toss the principles of it all around, the physiology, biochemistry, endocrinology, musculoskeletal and neurology pieces, what is happening, how can I improve and make my training time count the most, how…

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