Set the day up….

How you set the day up is significant!

Journeys in Healing

How we start the day tends to dictate how the rest of the day will continue; so this makes your morning routine the most important part of your day.

With your bigger picture goals in mind; take some time in the morning to start in a positive, focused, happy, and grateful mood. Build your energy with your morning routine rather than deplete it.

I want you to spend a little time pondering this. What do you do first in the morning, how does this make you feel, do you start the day reacting? Or being proactive? Do you know what you strive to achieve? Most of us have a good idea about what work, home and family stuff we must get done, but have you considered how your diet, training, and mindful space is going to be slotted in to the day?

It is good to have a rough plan…

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