Don’t dig yourself into a training fatigue hole

Great read for athletes especially those struggling with fatigue

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It can be very hard to dig yourself out of the fatigue hole if you don’t pay heed to the warning signs and catch things early. First rule is always to listen to and respond to the body nudges about the quality of performance and your state of recovery.

Dont let your training spit you out…

Successful training not only must involve overload but also must avoid the combination of excessive overload plus inadequate recovery.  In other words training must create fatigue but not too much, some weeks will feel hard but with adequate “recovery” the athlete will bounce back with improved fitness.

Knowing this fine line as an athlete often involves learning some lessons the hard way before you become hyper aware as to your own body feedback and resiliency, and from a coaching perspective knowing the perfect balance of volume and intensity to promote adaptations  while also…

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