Aqua-jogging, Kenyans, Carbs and why do they keep winning, Winning mind-set and Musings. Weeks tidbits, February 16th 2017

Kona ironman nutrition

Aqua jogging = new friends

It would seem that aqua jogging is the new social meetup (if you are in your 40s like me!) – I seem to be meeting the nicest of people now that I have my head above the water.

Here is more on aqua jogging and why it is good while you are rehabbing an injury like I am (ankle sprain from an accident)

7 of the Best Pool Running Workouts for Injured Runners


How to Run Like an Olympian in the Pool

Sport should be your passion, you should know your why, and training should elevate you


I met the coolest guy today; he was just finished his swim set and I guess I had been watching everyone so noticed that he looked like an athlete; LIKE A REAL ATHLETE. I won’t guess his age but a little bit older than me, and a fantastically…

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