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Kona ironman nutrition

Kona update October 3rd 2016

Hi Folks,

Wee update from the Big Island. It’s heating up here and the place is starting to become a circus of lycra clad triathletes running and cycling along a busy Ali’i drive from sunrise to sunset, and if they are not on the hot roads then they are part of a murmuration of swimmers in Kailua harbour moving as one from buoy to buoy.

I have been enjoying the privilege of joining my fellow house mates in parts of their run and swim training and it has been a joy. I only wish for every athlete here to see how much they deserve every moment of this experience. Everyone has worked hard for it and this final week is now about recovering the body, refueling the engine, focusing the mind, relaxing the analytical brain, race course familiarization, last-minute equipment checks, preparing your race day nutrition, and…

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