Kona update, heat acclimation, female athletes are not men, and the dangers of taking NSAIDs during ironman

Kona ironman nutrition

Hi Folks,

well we are having a blast here in Kona. We are settling in well, training is strong, recovery even better, and we are now settled into the heat and humidity as the body has had time to adjust.

It takes time to acclimate to high heat and humidity (also called acclimatization – I am going to stick with the easier to spell word!). And although being fit helps; it is not something that an athlete can out-train, out smart, or achieve faster and quicker than others. It takes time, patience and being intuitive with your body and sensible with what you do. The more extreme the climate shift then the more aware you must be of how your body is coping with the different conditions. For example I am Irish and taking a little more time to adjust than my South African boyfriend; also he is fitter!

Heat (and humidity) acclimation is…

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