The Safest Cookware

A very in-depth article. Bit scary too!


We go out of our way to avoid GMO’s and choose the best organic produce.  We should do the same for the cookware we use.  It is imperative, because some cookware leach dangerous toxic metals and fumes.  This article covers which pots & dishes to choose and what to throw out.  All plastic is considered toxic (to some extent) and should not come in contact with food or anything that will be used on your body.  “You will not be able to eliminate all plastic from your house and your kitchen, but if you eliminate the majority of the most harmful plastics this is a good start.”

First and foremost, throw out all plastic & styrofoam plates, bowls, and utensils (anything that comes in contact with food) and replace them with glass or wood.  You may have to do this a little bit at a time as your budget allows…

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