Long weekends…..

This may interest the triathletes 🙂

Kona ironman nutrition

tomorrows battle

So we are in Kona countdown and things are getting very real! Last weekend Garron had a tough weekend’s training; I cannot even repeat the comment I added to his training plan as I read through his Sunday run, and bike-run session the week before as I plotted the weeks nutrition ahead for him.

We do this every week; I analyse Garron’s training as written by his coach Lucie Zelenkova on Training Peaks and then slot in nutrition specifics to give him an outline for the week and to optimise his training efforts. Garron knows how to eat, so I am not hand-feeding him what to do; but providing an overview of what meals and snacks and training-specific nutrition should look like and then we slot in the finer details as we work through the week. This means that Garron knows what he is doing to periodise his nutrition with his training and…

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