Navigating life as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person.

For the sensitive souls; written from my heart to yours

Journeys in Healing

So now you know that ‘you are an Empath’….

Andrea by darren 1

“It is only when I stopped doing life so fast and started to look within that I found myself and the treasure trove of gifts available to me to play with in life;
Gifts that give me a sense of meaning, purpose, and direction to not only who I am, but what I can give back to life.”

Hello fellow travellers,

If you are reading this post then I am guessing that it is the word “empath” that has caught your eyes. If you are, or have been told, or recently have discovered, that you are a highly sensitive person or empath then I am hoping that this blog will help you. But be prepared, because I am going to shoot straight with an honesty arrow.

What is an empath?

Can I say here that in truth I am not a fan…

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