True Healing starts with listening….

back writing…. helpful for those struggling to let go of some body pains

Journeys in Healing

Did you ever stop to contemplate the emotional intelligence of your physical body?


The two are so intricately linked that when emotions are too much for us to handle the body protects us by absorbing and storing “pain” and when the body knows the heart-mind is ready to heal she will start to release the emotions into present physical symptoms again. Sometimes all that you will feel is immense fatigue; this is just another way for your body to force you into being mindful and present.

This isn’t much fun I hear you say! Yet consider it like you are clearing a path for a better feeling, completely healthy, and lighter hearted tomorrow.

The body will also display signposts using symptoms if more immediate imbalances need to be addressed. For example breathing problems are often anxiety related, athletic injuries a sign to slow down and recover better, stomach problems issues around…

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